Driving on the right side of the road isn’t a snap in Germany

(Nor is typing on a German computer where the Z and Y are reversed)

I landed in Frankfurt today, flights were smooth and on time…went to pick up my reserved car at Avis…only to be asked if I needed an automatic. (Since I don’t drive a shift…the answer is yes, and it is what I had reserved). No cars anywhere at Avis, not in Frankfurt, not in Baden Baden…(next time, I will make multiple reservations!). The Avis counter employee explained the problem to the Sixt employee, and I ended up with a Smart car…at a higher price…but it’s an automatic, sort of. So off I went to Baden Baden, got there fine, but had a tough time finding the hotel, which is amidst a warren of pedestrian and one way streets. I finally followed a taxi there. However, I did see the town…multiple towns, and it is really pretty. I took a long walk along the river and found the Rot Weiss Courts where the European Championships will be held next week, and have a practice match tomorrow.

More soon, people waiting for this computer and I have not found WiFi here yet.

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  1. Sounds like the begining of a great experience!! We are off to Portschach tomorrow

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