Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Hard Courts

Ahlers O'Connor Dad and I with Gold Balls Diane and Matthew-1 FD 70, Ahlers and Rea-1FD 60 plus winners   Tiffany, Bill Kellogg-1 Kelloggs-1

The USTA National Father/Daughter Open, Senior, Super Senior and 80+ and Open Mother/Son Hard Courts took place June 4-6th at the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego. The play was excellent, the draws strong, and the weather perfect.

In the Mother/Son, the defending champions, Matthew Hane and Diane Fishburne weren’t tested till the final, helped by a walkover from Kathy and Taylor Fritz in the semis (Kathy pulled her calf in the previous match). They took on the Rux’s in the final. The Rux’s won the first set behind dynamic serving and returning from the son, but Diane and Matthew stuck to their plan, communicated well and won the final sets 62 64. They now hold the titles at all three mother/son events.

The open Father/Daughter final pitted the top two seeds against each other,Becky and Jerry Morse-Karzan and Bruce and Sabrina Man-Son-Hing. The top seeds prevailed in a long and competitive three set match, 64 in the third. 

Bill and Tiffany Kellogg, playing their first senior Father/Daughter event, reached their first father/daughter final, upsetting Dave and Ashley Martin (the indoor champions) in three sets in the semis. In the final, the seedings held true with Al and Marianne Baker winning 64 64. It was Tiffany’s first USTA ball and she was on cloud 9…before the final. Tom and Bettina  Rettenmaier, another newly senior team took the bronze.

The Super Senior division, in which the father has to be 70, featured the top seeds and last year’s finalists, Herm Ahlers and Krista O’Connor against Jodi Neuman Rea and Don Neuman. The Neumans upset the #2 seeds, Charles and Laura Joslin, first round in three sets and followed it up with a tough three set win over the Robert and Danielle Ouwendijk before the top seeds took them out 63 63 in the final. Alissa and Ralph Finerman took the bronze with a straight set win over the Ouwenjijks.

The 80+ division was déjà vue all over again…the top seeds, Graydon and Carolyn Nichols took on the second seeds, Ann Jacobs and Richard Phelps, for the third year in a row here and the Nichols won for the third time. However, this year was a good, competitive match, won 63 63 by the top seeds.

Many thanks to Tom O’Brien, running this tournament for the first time, Ralph Anderson the referee, and Bill Kellogg and the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, which hosted the player dinner, for running a fun event.

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  1. Carolyn: Thanks for sending the link to this posting. It was great seeing you and your dad playing together. You two make a great team! Good luck in Germany!! … Bill K

  2. Great job, Bill and Tiffany Kellogg!!!! Be sure to let me know when there is a Super-Senior 85+ Mother & son. If you wait till I’m 90 I’ll have even more time to practice.

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