European Senior Champion!

I am sitting in the Lufthansa Lounge, at 6:30pm, still in my warm-up suit, finally relaxing today… It was a long and hectic one.

It rained on and off all night, and after i checked out of my hotel and walked to the courts,I found most of them flooded. Mark Pepin from Canada showed up and we warmed up on the one mostly dry court while the officials and ground crew groomed the match court.

We were underway about 11, only 30 minutes late. Despite the cold, wet, windy weather, there was a good crowd of spectators.

I won the fiest set pretty quickly against Heidi Eisterlehner, a 10 time champion in Baden-Baden, 63, and led 5/4 in the second when it began to rain hard. We had about a 45min delay, and when we resumed, Heidi was on fire, and won the set 64. The third set was close, and at 3-3 Heidi seemed to cramp, but continued to play well. I was up 5-3 and down 0-40 and won 5 points to win the match.

I had to dash back to my hotel, then to the train station… One of the volunteers took me, and changed trains twice, arrived at the airport though in plenty of time for my flight..,off to watch Wimbledon tomorrow in person for the first time.

It is in the 50s here, hope it is summer in London!

Baden Baden Women’s 55S draw 
Baden-Baden Women’s 50/55 Doubles Draw


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  1. Congratulation, Carolyn for some great tennis in spite of the rain delay. It’s raining here in the Mile High City and my USTA Adult League match will probably be re-scheduled along with a possible late start tomorrow at the Denver Open where I’m playing down in the 75’s. Not an 85 year old around! You will love Wimbledon. I was there for the first time after the Friendship Cup and European Tournament in Portschach. Tooled around Austria for the day then took the red eye to Paris, the chunnal sp? to London, stayed at a bed and breakfast in Russel Square, had two days in reserved seats oposite the Queen’s box and then a grounds pass where you had to cross your legs and not leave your seat for fear of losing it if you left! Ran into Monica Seles while she was stretching in the long hallway leading to the restaurant. YOu will love it. Hope it’s warm and dry. See you soon in Philly? love rita

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