Everyone is Visiting Paris Right Now!

Today was a much better one, for me anyway, than yesterday. I had 12 hours of sleep and woke up feeling much better and even a bit hungry, though I took a couple of the anti nausea and headache medications today.

Susan, Tim and Tracey went exploring, to Les Invalides in particular (Napoleon’s Tomb). It’s an interesting place. I ate a bit then went off to wander around the Marais, which is full of small shops, bakeries and restaurants, and some chains. I wandered in and out of shops, including some chains (Uniqlo, which was packed, and Uno de 50 which was busy but not packed), a knife store (it was interesting, made to order blades and handles…), eyeglass stores galore, lots of chocolate shops (Edwart and Elisabeth chocolate shops were across the street from each other) and lots of shoes and clothing stores.

I went to a Carrefour City to get some soup (and there seemed to be some altercation/atm theft going on), then went back to the apartment for lunch, arriving just as the rest of the gang did.

Tim and Tracey went off to Versailles while Susan and I went to the Arch de Triumph and Champs-Elysées along with the rest of the world it seemed. There was a line out the door and down the street to climb up to the top (we would have gone up but for the line…), but instead strolled down the boulevard, stopping in a Monoprix for a few chocolate gifts. Everything is presented so beautifully here! Even the food court is lovely and the food looks good.

We walked by a store called Guerlain which must be the hot new fragrance store as there was a long line to enter, in the rain! I remember seeing such lines in Barcelona a few years ago for high end stores such as Yves St. Laurent but that was just after the pandemic and the number of people in stores was severely limited…not the case now.

It started pouring, so we walked to the end and took the Franklin D Roosevelt stop to our apartment. The Metro was packed to the gills…we couldn’t even enter the subway till the second train came by.

Tracey and Tim had fun at Versailles, though said it was also super crowded.

Tomorrow Musee d’Orsay for us and Louvre for Tim and Tracey. The Paris Masters qualifying is going on here (and the Rugby World Cup) but tickets to qualifying are sold out…I didn’t plan far enough ahead for such a busy city.

Tomorrow is our last day in Europe…it’s been fun.

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  1. Paris! Love Paris! Just started buying myself a fee pieces of Uno de 50, lovely jewelry. Enjoy the rest of your stay. In enjoyed your pictures!

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