Forest Hills, 30-80 Grass.

At Forest Hills, Vesna McKenna won her first singles gold ball, winning the 40 singles. Erika Smith/Alissa Finerman cruised to the 40s doubles title. Yukie Koizumi spoiled Susan Wright’s attempt at a singles gold slam, beating her in the final. (Wright rebounded to win the doubles gold slam, combining with Marianne Robertson to win the doubles.) Anne Guerrant won the 60 singles in 3 sets over Brenda Carter. Molly Hahn/Heide Orth won the doubles. Dorothy Matthiessen won the 70 singles and Diane Hoffman won the 80 singles and doubles (with Jane Lutz). Shareen Lai won the 30 singles and  Jennifer Lyons/Julie Shapiro won the 30 doubles. Dorothy Matthiessen and Dori deVries edged a determined Roz King and Nancy Reed 75 in the third to win the 70s doubles.

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