Fort Lauderdale Level 2 (Cooper Cup)/ITF MT 700

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Wednesday February 8, 2023

The Cooper Cup (formerly Jabbour, Tully, Checket etc Cup) started today at the Lauderdale Tennis Club in Fort Lauderdale. The weather was nice, breezy, and not too warm or humid. The courts were pretty dry (due to heavy winds in the past few days throwing off the watering accuracy).

I played Debbie Burgess from Wisconsin, one of the nicest players on the “masters (formerly seniors)” tour and won…I play Pat Purcell from St Louis next (though for this winter she’s a Florida resident). All the seeds won through today in the 65s.

In the 75s, Carol Clay played her first tournament match in quite a while and gave Betty Wachob a fight, retiring at 53 down in the third (after Betty had match points at 52). Betty faces Brenda Carter, her doubles partner while Toni Novack plays Gwenda Ward.

Images from the Cooper Cup today.

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