German Open Champion; On to Munich

Sunday Morning: Munich

Yesterday I won the German Open Seniors against Gundi Weiland 61 61. She’s a lefty with a nice slice backhand, a good serve and a loopy forehand. We had a lot of long rallies, and it was a better match than when we played in Austria in June. Gundi is a very nice lady and it was a good match, she’s nice to play. Early in the morning I warmed up with Heidi Eisterlehner who won the 60s final.


A women’s 45 semi was going on next to us and there was a lot of angst and emotion there. It was a close match, with one woman screaming when she missed critical shots and the other barely able to keep herself from tossing her racquet. Both were very good players, so it was interesting to watch (the first set was completed before we started and was 75; I wasn’t watching while we were playing the final, but occasionally the noise intruded.)

After I played Bridget and Debbie were sitting eating a late lunch, about 4pm and the tournament director came and asked them if they were ready for doubles! This after they were categorically told yesterday morning that they were done and could leave! A. For players who lost first round, 75 euros is a pretty expensive entry fee for one match (just over $100).

I hope that the tournament reorganizes in the future because the area is gorgeous and the courts were really nice. I like playing there.

Bridget, Debbie and I left after the medal ceremony and Bridget drove us to Munich. Debbie and I are going to site see today in Munich while Bridget drives back to Austria. I am enjoying staying in an American style hotel here with nice towels and soap in the bathroom!

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