Yesterday Debbie Hobbs and I saw Bridget Harrer off to Austria via car in the rain; then we took buses and subways to Marionplatz in central Munich. It was raining pretty hard and except at the main train station and airport, all shops were closed, even the souvenir shops. So we went to tour the Residenz, a large palace not far from Marionplatz. It is magnificent and though there were a lot of tourists, it wasn’t too crowded. We saw lots of state rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, all ornately decorated in the Italian style. Then we just made it to the Marionplatz to see the Glochenspiel, which plays 3x a day. There’s music and an animated story out of the normally static figures on the tower.

Today I’ve been trying to get home…my first flight was delayed 7 hours so I was able to get an earlier one to a different city…but with a 5 hour layover that turned into 6, but it’s very nice to be back in the USA.

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    Kathy Langer says:

    Welcome home! Good job cleaning up in Europe all summer!

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