German Open, End

The German Open finished for us today, I won the 50 singles and doubles. It’s funny, over here I’m considered a doubles expert! I beat my doubles partner, Gundi Wieland 62 61, we had good points, but the courts here don’t have a lot of room behind them and I kept her in the back fence a lot, and won points at net. Then we won the doubles 62 61, had some good points, but we were more consistent.

Debbie Hobbs from Tampa won the 55 consolation over Bridget Harrer who is from everywhere…So Africa, Austria and the US, 75 63, then they played their doubles, combined 45/55 and played the woman who won the 40 singles…they had good points but didn’t win.

In sort of an upset, Renata Tomanova lost to Nora Blom 62 21 ret, a toe injury of some sort.

It was a really nice day today. A few clouds but no rain after Tuesday morning, we were lucky. Tomorrow I’m off to Bad Breisig, near Cologne, for the next tournament. I was told today though that there’s no play till Thursday for the 50s as there are only 8 entrants, which is a bummer. But it’s a nice area, the Rhine Valley.

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