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  • Delray Beach ATP 250: Tommy Haas Wins in Doubles; Taylor Fritz Wins Battle of 19 Year Olds

    Monday February 20, 2017, Delray Beach, FL

    It was a beautiful night to watch tennis and there was some good tennis on tap. I went to the Delray Beach ATP 250 for the second straight year tonight (thank you Dave and Margaret!).

    There weren’t a lot of people in the stands, though more showed up for the 8pm match than for the doubles at 6pm. The grounds at the Delray Beach Tennis Center are nice, and made festive by the addition of sponsor tents and vendors selling food, tennis clothing and more.


    The first match up was Tommy Haas (Germany/USA; also the Indian Wells TD) and Vasek Pospisil (from Canada) against Steve Darcis (BEL) and Adrian Mannarino (FRA). Haas/Pospisil returned well…their opponents won fewer than half of their service points, even on first serves and only one out of three on second serves. The scoring makes breaks more prevalent, as any deuce game is decided by the next point. H/P were having a tough time holding Haas’ serve though in the second set; they changed up formation then and played “I” formation in the final game and Haas served it out comfortably. Haas makes his singles debut here tomorrow night. All four guys were having fun…they seemed to have the intensity of a practice or exhibition match at times.

    starred photos-001starred photos-002starred photos-005starred photos-006starred photos-007starred photos-008

    After a break (which gave us time to check out those food vendors…the chicken on a stick was good), we watched Taylor Fritz from SoCal play Akira Santillan who plays for Japan but lives in Australia. Both players are only 19. Fritz was the last direct acceptance into the main draw; Santillan won two qualifying matches including a beat down (61 62) of Benjamin Becker in the final qualifying round; he’s ranked 193 to Fritz’s 112. Fritz is listed at 6’4, Santillan at 5’11; Fritz has a 2-handed backhand, Santillan a one-hander. Santillan is strong and very naturally quick around the court; Fritz lankier, with great hands and improving speed. The crowd grew somewhat for this match; USTA coaches Jay Berger and Mardy Fish were watching along with Taylor’s mom Kathy and Larry Riggs (Bobby’s son).

    Fritz just seemed more mature as an ATP player than his opponent, at least tonight, and was better able to make inroads on his opponent’s serve. He made some nice backhand down the line winners on a couple of big points and had more easy power. Santillan though has a lot of power for a smaller player…he had multiple serves in the 130 mph range (not all went in though), and is fast. It will be interesting to see how these players develop in the future.


    starred photos-009starred photos-014starred photos-015starred photos-018starred photos-021starred photos-024starred photos-027starred photos-030starred photos-031

  • Play on Clay in BERMUDA at the Coral Beach Club October 24-31, 2015; USTA sanctioned!

    Note that the entry form and a poster are attached to the bottom of this post.

    Coral Beach & Tennis Club’s and Bermuda’s ties with American tennis and the United States Tennis Association go back literally to the beginning – the game of lawn tennis was introduced to the United States from Bermuda.

    Lawn Tennis was invented in England in 1873 and was brought to Bermuda by a British Army officer a year later. Mary Outerbridge saw the game being played at a home called Clermont in Paget – less than a mile from what is now the Coral Beach Club – and was conquered by it.

    She took tennis with her to the United States, along with the rules of the game, measurements of the court and no doubt some equipment and introduced tennis to the members of Staten Island Cricket Club, where it became an instant hit.

    It was at the instigation of her brother, Eugenius Outerbridge, the president of the Staten Island Club, that the US National Lawn Tennis Association – the predecessor to the USTA – was formed in 1881 in an effort to regularize the rules of the game throughout the young nation.

    Perhaps as a result of this history, Coral Beach is the only non-American club to have USTA direct membership, and for decades, many of the greatest names in tennis have trained and played in Bermuda, including Fred Perry, Jack Kramer, Roy Emerson, Ken Rosewall, Cliff Drysdale, Clark Graebner, Rod Laver, Tony Trabert and the two Panchos- Segura and Gonzalez.  More recently,Jimmy Connors, Vitas Gerulaitis, Ivan Lendl, Mats Wilander, Pat Cash, Patrick Rafter and others have favored Bermuda as the ideal location get away to combine serious training and relaxation.

    Coral Beach Club started hosting two tournaments during the first two weeks in November and have attracted many great amateur players. Now the Bermuda Clay Court Championships aim to continue on this legacy, with Bermuda’s pleasant weather and Coral Beach’s outstanding clay courts.

    Accreditation of the tournament by the USTA, scheduled to be held from October 24 to October 31, means that participants are eligible for USTA points.

    The tournament is also featured on the USTA’s website where USTA members can register directly. The USTA Tournament number is 960000115 and the link to the Coral Beach tournament is: https://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=172172&mode=preview#&&s=0

    Non-USTA members can still register for the tournament using the links in the invitation, which is attached for your convenience.

    Coral Beach wants to thank Moet & Chandon for kindly agreeing to sponsor the tournament and we are pleased to say that the amount of prize money available for the tournament is growing steadily.

    Please feel free to forward additional copies of the entry forms if you have friends who would like to play and kindly let us have their names and email addresses.

    Do not hesitate to telephone us on 441-239-7210 or email us at tennis@coralbeach.bm with any further questions you may have.
    The Club is offering extremely attractive all-inclusive accommodation packages for visiting players and their families.

    We do hope you can play this year and look forward to seeing you in October.


  • USTA Semi Annual Meeting: Minutes from Adult Senior/Senior International Meetings

    Any player interested in playing National USTA tournaments or on a USA Senior International Team should read these.

    Meeting One: Aug 31, 2013

    Meeting Two: Sept. 1, 2013

  • Mulloy & Queens’ Cup Teams Advance; Hart Cup Falls (Literally) to Netherlands; Godfree Cup Wins

    The Doris Hart Cup team (women’s 80), literally fell to the Netherlands. Lucille Kyvallos won at #2 singles comfortably; then Margaret Canby, playing #1 singles for the first time, was edged by Davis, CA resident Anneke Balics 75 64. That set up a deciding doubles match. The doubles team was Kyvallos/Canby who faced Balics and her partner for the tie. The USA won the first set 61 and it was 1-1 in the second when Kyvallos, serving and volleying, fell onto her right elbow, injuring it, giving Netherlands a retirement win 16 11. Kyvallos ended up breaking her elbow and having surgery on it only hours later. The bad news was that it was broken, the good news was that the break wasn’t severe…it was a “good” break.

    There are some differences I noted about Austrian vs US hospitals; 1: No payment or card up front was required; 2: It’s really quiet and there are empty rooms; 3: When I asked where I could get something to eat I was given a pot of tea and a meal! 4: No obvious waiting room…I was put into an empty room to wait.

    Everyone from the trauma doctor to the anesthesiologist to the nurses was extremely polite and unhurried. And every time any of the medical personnel looked at Lucille and then at her birthdate that person looked very surprised (they thought she was much younger…tennis does that for you).

    The Doris Hart Cup plays France tomorrrow, sans Lucille, but Mary Ann Plante, Canby and Jane Lutz, all of whom took a taxi to visit Lucille at the hospital are determined to do well the rest of the week.

    In more positive news, the USA Queens Cup team ousted Sweden without much drama, though Dorothy Matthiessen at #1 was down 31, first set before rallying to win 64 60. Lyn Tietz played #2 singles and Ria Graham and Roz King took the doubles point. I talked to Roz a bit today. She played a little tennis in her 20s and 30s after seeing people playing it at a park, and thinking it looked interesting. Then, when her son was grown she started playing more and playing tournaments. She said her best asset was her retrieving ability and speed. She recalled playing Dodo Cheney, who is about 20 years her elder (and having to wait and wait for the match, as the tournament organizers told her that Dodo liked to play on the first court!) and thinking she’d beat her, and that the match was close for a while, then Dodo moved to no man’s land and won easily. She played her first national in Tempe, the hard courts and the losses encouraged her to work harder. She also said her friend Tad really helped her both with technique and encouragement. Today she’s one win away from a doubles gold slam and has won 2 gold balls this year in singles too!

    The USA Gardnar Mulloy Cup also beat Sweden 3/0; Russell and McCabe played singles and Doss/Powless played the doubles.

    The Kitty Godfree Cup team beat Belgium 3/0 behind the singles play of Molly Hahn at #2, Brenda Carter at #1 and Carol Clay/Betty Wachob in doubles. Also in Czech Republic, the USA Bitsy Grant Cup team won 3/0.

    In the Portschach/Klagenfurt area, USA won 3/0 in the Marble, Gibson, Britannia and Crawford Cups. THe Von Cramm results weren’t yet posted.

    Play indoors is likely tomorrow, I can hear thunder from here…and rain.


  • US Open Monday: Rain Out; Gold Slam Awards

    Monday the Gold Slam award recipients were honored at the US Open and other awards were given too.

    The players who won all four national championships last year were:

    Tina Karwasky, 60 singles and doubles
    Mary Ginnard, 60 doubles
    Wesley Cash and Mark Vines, 55 doubles
    Susan Wright, 55 doubles
    Kathy Bennett/Richard Doss, HW 140
    Pat Jackson and Rita Price, W 85 Doubles
    Brenda Carter, 65 singles

    Photos will be posted soon or added to this post.

    Margie Cooper received the Service Bowl
    Stan Smith received the President’s Award

    This was an awards breakfast, starting early…I was there at 6:45 am! But it finished about 9am and I was out at the matches early for a change. I was headed out to the juniors for a change. Taylor Fritz who lives in the same town as I do in SoCal was playing the juniors for the first time. I know his mom Kathy…she’s beaten me up enough on the tennis court…and wanted to see him play. He was playing the # 1 seed, from Germany. Taylor was right in there with the German, down 63 54 deuce, when it started raining…a few drops then shortly after a huge deluge! Play was suspended…I tried going to the volunteer lounge under Armstrong (bad idea…it was too full to let people in)…then it took a while to get out, as no one wanted to leave the corridors and get wet. I had an umbrella and other than my shoes stayed mostly dry and went back to Manhattan.

    I watched the first two sets of Federer in the evening with friends…hmmm…it can only get better!

  • US Open Saturday: Hot!

    I was out at the US Open for the first time this year today. It was hot and humid and that heat and humidity affected Jack Sock a lot I think. I saw the second set which went to a tiebreak. Sock seemed to just hang on, his walking between points and to change ends even seemed labored, and though he had a few sniffs at breaks, the set ended in a tiebreak…7-1 to Tipsarevic. Sock took a long break, to change clothes…he was dripping, his shorts were totally soaked…he even changed shoes! It didn’t help…he was broken early and I left, convinced the match was over…and it was 36 76 61 62 to Tipsy. The other thing that stood out to me was how western Sock’s forehand was, though on high balls it looked great. He really likes his forehand too and spent a lot of energy running around his backhand to hit it.

    I went from Grandstand, where Sock was playing, to Armstrong, which was packed for Kohlschreiber/Isner. Some fans had snuck in an American flag and waived it after Isner would win a point. There were chants of USA, USA, I guess to make up for the last match where Isner played Monfils and the crowd was cheering for the Frenchman. Isner broke just as I got to the court, after having dropped the first set. He won the 2nd set and seemed in control of the third till 56, where he double faulted to lost the set. I still thought he had a good chance, especially when he broke in the fourth and served for it at 65, but another untimely double and he ended up losing it in a tiebreak 75.

    Yesterday, on arrival in NY (traffic was awful from NJ…the tunnel…) I checked in to the hotel and then took off to check out Uniqlo (Djokovic’s clothing line among other things) on 5th and 52nd. It was pretty crowded, and is a huge, flagship store. It had a good display of tennis clothes…only men’s and boys, and lots of other clothes, jackets, etc. The walk was fun, lots of tourists gawking, hot dog and pretzel vendors on every corner, more taxis than private cars, and lots of energy. Welcome to NY!

    Meetings tomorrow and more tennis…Sloane and Serena, Andy Murray…fun.







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  • Bad Breisig Blog

    This week I am playing a tournament in Bad Breisig, Germany.

    Link to draws. (click on order of play then draws)

    Sunday/Monday: Arrival and practice

    Tuesday photos

    Wednesday/Thursday: Practice, Ready to Play!

    Friday: Scratchy Start to Tournament

    Saturday: Into Singles and Doubles Finals

    Bad Breisig Singles Champion


  • Wimbledon Tuesday July 2nd: Women’s QF

    Tuesday Vesna and I walked to Wimbledon from Putney Bridge which took less than an hour. It was a nice day though cloudy. We had looked at the schedule and wanted to watch Taylor Townsend play a little before going to Centre Court to see Li Na and Radwanska play, followed by Kvitova and Flipkens.

    Townsend is a 17 year old American player who was the #1 junior in the world in 2011. She’s a lefty and has very good technique on her serve and forehand, a nice slice and touch, but her movement is so/so. However, against her opponent from Egypt she was just better all around, playing solid first strike tennis. Her serve in particular was a lot better as was her slice backhand. She won the first set 62, then we left to watch the QF, but she ended up winning that match 2, 4.

    The Li/Radwansaka match lived up to its billing as the marquee QF match. It went three sets and was interrupted in the middle by a rain delay which necessitated closing the roof, a procedure which took about 45 minutes. The court was quickly covered (instantly, as Li was serving at 40-15, double faulted 2x, rushing, played one more point and less and a minute later the court was covered! Our seats were under an overhang so we didn’t really notice the rain till the court was being covered. Li hit and Radwanska countered and threw in some slices, dropshots, sneaky fast serves and net approaches…she was the better volleyer. She got tight trying to serve out the match…one serve didn’t even register on the radar gun, but won on her 8th match point. It was a fun match for the contrast in styles. Li had many set points at 54 first set and failed to convert which was the turning point of the match..even though she won the 2nd set, once the roof was closed, Radwanska adjusted better to the new conditions.

    Kvitova/Flipkens was also interesting…Flipkens was 2-1 against Kvitova going into the match, which I didn’t know and played her smart, slicing low to her forehand with her backhand, then ripping her forehand when she got one. Kvitova looked slow and confused at times, and didn’t like the low balls to her forehand. Flipkens served great at the end in particular, finishing her last 2 service games with aces. Kvitova seemed to be in tears after the match and Flipkens was walking on air out of the stadium.

    It was interesting to note that all four players had some tape on a body part: Li, Knee, Radwanska, both thighs (and later on she had her quad taped more heavily); Kvitova, knee and Flipkens, knee. The doubles players were less banged up, only Bupathi had tape.

    After the singles we found the Bryan Brothers and watched their second set against Buphathi/Knowle, which ended in a tiebreak…actually they won the match 76 76 76. There were some fun points as all 4 are good doubles players.

    It was a lot of fun going to Wimbledon. The atmosphere is great, the grounds beautiful, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many men dressed with coats and ties!

    We ended the day walking to Wimbledon Village and having dinner at an English Pub…nice atmosphere and good food. Then it was on to a double-decker red bus back to Putney Bridge.

    Now I’m on my way back home, great trip but it’s always nice to get home! (Flight delay unfortunately….:- but I’ll get there eventually.) Happy 4th of July everyone.

      Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-002 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-006 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-007 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-009 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-012 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-013 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-026 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-029 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-031 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-034 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-035 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-042Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-039 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-040  Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-043 Wimb ledon Day 2 starred photos-044

  • Americans Win Wilson Friendship Cup

    Friendship Cup

    The Wilson Friendship Cup is a Biannual competition between the USA and International players who are 75 and over and who meet the qualifications. Players are selected by lottery if they meet the requirements. Ann Moore is on the onsite coordinator. Ralph and Mary Wilson sponsor this event. According the 2013 participant Kathy Langer, this

    was a terrific group of ladies and a lot of fun. This week most of the ladies are playing in the Super Senior European Championships in Austria.

    Here are the match by match results from the Friendship Cup:

    Wilson Friendship Cup June 7-9, 2013


    Day 1 Singles

    Burnette Herrick USA def.  Nola Collins, Australia  6-2, 6-4
    Roz King USA def. Joy Dally, England 6-0, 6-0
    Lynn Tietz USA def. Gillian Thompson, England 6-2, 6-1
    Kathy Langer, USA def. Margaret Robinson, England, 7-6, 6-3
    Caroline Haynes USA def. Joy Rigter, Australia 3-6, 6-2, 6-2
    Beatrice Wettstein, Switzerland def. Esther Williams USA 6-3, 6-2
    Phyl McEwan, England def. Pat Jackson USA 6-7, 7-5, 6-4
    Ingrid Rehwinkel USA def. Ann Williams, England, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2
    Elspeth MacLean, Scotland def. Linda Friedlander USA 6-2, 6-1
    Dorothy Wasser USA def. Marlyse Hubeli Switzerland 6-1, 6-3

    Results Day 1:  US 7 points, International 3 points.  (Each win = 1 point)

    Day 2 Doubles  (Each win = 2 points)

    Burnette Herrick & Dorothy Wasser US def. Marlyse Hubeli & Beatrice Wettstein, Switzerland, 6-0, 6-0
    Roz King & Kathy Langer US def. Nola Collins & Margaret Robinson, Australia, 6-2, 6-2
    Lynn Tietz & Caroline Hayes US def. Joy Dally, England & Joy Rigter, Australia 6-7, 6-1, 6-2
    Linda Friedlander & Esther Williams US def. Gill Thompson, England & Elsllpeth MacLean, Scotland 6-4, 6-0
    Ingrid Rehwinkel & Pat Jackson, US def. Phyl McEwan & Ann Williams, England 6-1, 5-7, 7-6

    Results Day 2:  US 10 Points, International 0

    Winner 2013 United States

  • USA Italia Cup Team Falls to Sweden

    Today we played a very good Swedish team and unfortunately things did not go our way. Sweden was simply too good for us and were the deserved winners of this tie.They got revenge on us from last year as we swept them and they returned the favor on us this year.

    Mark played a very flashy lefty who has a big serve and a big forehand. Sometimes he can go wayward but not today he was totally on fire.
    In my match it was much the same.My opponent did not have as big of a serve but had a monstrous forehand.I was up 30 or 40 love in multiple games but was not able to convert my opportunities to keep the pressure on him which was more than frustrating. Mark I ended both ended up losing 3,0.
    In doubles Justin and Gabe lost a very close first set but were unable to stay with the Swede’s in the second.

    On a more positive note for us we attended the official dinner to celebrate the centenary of the ITF and they did an incredible job despite some challenges. We were all going to have dinner outside together but since the weather was not good they divided the teams into two seperate locations.It was impossible to know that this was their back up plan as they executed it to perfection with incredible food and a good atmosphere with a live band and some dancing.

    Next up for us tomorrow are the Australians who are also not clay court specialists so we are hopeful for a good performance.

  • Hybrid Open Tournament by Renata Marcinkowska

    From Renata Marcinkowska:

    It took a long time, but it is finally a reality.  We are organizing a First in The World Tournament on a Dual Surface. It is called Hybrid Open 2013 and will take place March 29-31, 2013 ( deadline to enter is March22) for men and Fall of 2013 for women.  Anyone from pros, collegiate players, seniors and juniors can apply.  We will select 10 players to play in this historic event. I am enclosing a flyer in the attachment. Info about the tournament can also be viewed on youtube. Typing hybrid tennis tournament Hybrid Open 2013 will bring it up. If you could please put something on your website about the first Hybrid Open 2013 it would be fantastic.  I know that a lot of players might be interested.


  • Seventh Annual Friendship Cup: May, Tokyo Japan, Looking for Doubles Pairs

    The 7th International Friendship Cup honoring the 20th anniversary of the Japan Senior Tennis Association will be held the middle of May in Tokyo, Japan.  They are looking for doubles pairs in the 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 age divisions–both men and women.  The cost involved would be for airfare to Tokyo and approximately $500 for 5 days and 4 nights, meals included.  There is an option of an add-on side trip to be scheduled with Teru Frey.  Anyone interested please contact Teru Frey at terufrey@optonline.net or 631-261-3753. A link to the entry form can be found below.

    Friendship Cup Application Form 2013Entry form7 (1).pdf

  • Printable, Downloadable USTA National Schedules by Date: Family, Cat I, Cat II: April 5th Update with Link Corrections

    Category I, II & Family Events:

    Men’s Cat I & Cat II Events:

    Women’s Cat 1 & Cat II Events:

    Family National Schedule:

  • US Open

    Armstrong-1 Azarenka Serena Azarenka-3 Blake serve Can at night Carolyn, best Cilic-5 Djokovic-1 Dogolopov-8 Falconi Federer Fish-3 globe King Kirilenko Kuznetsova-4 Lisiki Lucy Dettmer, Age 91!!! Gold Slam winner Sock, Oudin Peng Rainy Tuesday Serena-1 Stosur Wozniaki Random thoughts on the 2011 US Open

    Friday was a sellout, even if you could not tell by the empty seats in Ashe. Lots of fans with Ashe tickets choose to wander the grounds, seeking seats close to the action or checking out exciting matches

    Saturday I was lucky enough to be in the President’s Box (thank you USTA and Jon Vegosen), and was able to watch all four sets of Cilic/Federer. Federer looks great in red :-). I had a decent camera and took lots of photos of Fed. It is very easy to get good shots of him. It was a nerve wracking match, closer than the score. Cilic handled Fed’s power well. An opportune (for Fed) time violation warning which led to a break in the third was key, as was Fed coming back from 0-40 down in the first set, and then promptly breaking Cilic in the next game. I am not sure Cilic believed, and at the end Fed’s spins forced the tall Cilic to bend so much that Cilic seemed to tire.

    Serena was impressive! I saw her at Stanford and for the first time in a while really understood the pundits’ conviction that the USO women’s title was in Serena’s hands. Her second serve is amazing. I watched her play Azarenka for a set…blowout, so left to see Fish/Anderson…missed a good set, but that’s the reality of watching live Slams, you cannot be everywhere at once.

    I saw Wozniaki and American Vania King, good points but Wozniaki forced King into errors with her movement and consistency. King’s volleys were really smooth as befits a doubles Grand Slam champion.

    The grandstand is awesome. I watched Ferrer/Blake. Ferrer hits harder than you might think. Blake played his go for broke style…no way was he going to out grind or out finesse Ferrer, making spectacular shots, and errors. Ferrets won in straights.

    On Sunday night I saw a bit of Isner…the last set from the third row. He was playing another American, Bogolomov. Bogolomov’s returns were amazing and his forehand popped, but Isner had too much firepower, it was like a bantam-weight fighter vs a heavyweight.

    A return to the Grandstand for the third set of Stosur/Kirilenko after Stosur "won" the match twice, only to have Kirilenko successfully challenge and negate the win. Stosur kept her composure while Kirilenko lost hers. I was sitting next to 2 guys who I think were her coaches. Stosur did not allow the Russian to get to net successfully in the third set often enough. Kirilenko screeches as she hits each ball!

    On Monday I watched Sock and Oudin win their QF On Ct 11. Sock was seriously impressive, on the serve, return and at net, he was the best player on the court. Amazing volleys and court sense for an 18 year old.

    I got into the Djokovic/dogolomov match, but after the amazing tiebreak, but it was clear after a few games that the match was over. The lines to get into that match stretched all the way to Ashe…where I went next to see Fish play Tsonga. It is amazing how many matches turn in 5 minutes…one instant Fish is up two sets to one, and on serve at 4-4, then suddenly Tsonga breaks to win the 4th and again the first time Mardy serves in the 5th and it’s all over. It was late when that match finished and the grounds were packed with the night session ticket holders by then, watching the action on the big screen, eating and shopping.

    I went out to the tennis center Tuesday, but it rained all day and night, so the rest of the Open will be watched by me in the normal way…on TV.

    I will post photos later.

  • New England Senior Tennis Circuit

    From Mr Ken Miller:

    I wanted to make you aware of the NESTF web site

    (http://www.neseniortennis.org/) and particularly the new
    series of NE

    tournaments called the NE Senior Slams (the link is on
    the left on the home

    page). This is a new series of NE tournaments for men and
    women in the ages

    50-85 for men and 50, 60, and 70 for women, singles and
    doubles. These

    tournaments are designed with many amenities and are held
    on the three

    surfaces, hard, clay and grass at some terrific venues.
    They are open to out

    of section players and we are hoping we get some. It
    would be nice if you

    could publicize this on your web site.


    Thanks, Ken Miller (Dorcas Miller’s husband)

    NESTF Webmaster and member of NESTF BOD

  • 2010 National Senior Women’s Intersectional Team Event

    Here’s the link to the women’s interesectionals for 2010 in San Antonio. http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=84965

    USTA National Women’s Intersectional Team Event
      Sanctioned By

    Tournament ID:   809703210
    1521, 2010
    Ranked: W(
    Organization: Texas Tennis & Education Foundation

    8105 Exchange Dr
    Austin (TOURNAMENT-San Antonio), TX78754
    Org Phone: (512) 443-1334 EXT 222
    Org Fax: (512) 4434748
    Org Website: texastennisfoundation.com
    Director: Larry Eichenbaum
    Director Phone: (512) 443-1334 EXT 222
    Director Fax: (512) 4434748
    Director Email: leichenbaum@texas.usta.com
    Section: Texas
    District: Texas
    Surface Type Hard
    Entry Fee:* Welcome
    Party, T-Shirt, Player Gala Banquet, and lunches for the four days of
    play (NOTE: extra days will be subject to an additional charge for
    lunches only).
    Checks Payable To: 2010 USTA NWITE
    Send Checks To: 2010 NWITE;
    c/o Larry Eichenbaum;

    4712 Hickory Hollow;

    Austin, TX
    San Antonio, Texas
    Tournament Website: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments
    Last Updated: 1/3/2010 7:05:12 PM (Central Time)
      Entries Open Saturday, July 31, 2010
    SAVE THE DATE & LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas – Site of 2010 USTA NWITE
    The 2010 USTA NWITE – Hardcourt Championships will be held at McFarlin Tennis Center in San Antonio, TX, November 1521, 2010. Information to follow!

    Texas Tennis and Education Foundation and the San Antonio Tennis Association will be hosting this 2010 event at the McFarlin Tennis Center in San Antonio, TX . The 2010 Tournament Director is Larry Eichenbaum, Controller of the USTA Texas Section – 512/443-1334 ext 222 • Fax 1512/4434748. NOTE: All Tournament correspondence is to be directed to Larry Eichenbaum; 4712 Hickory Hollow; Austin, TX 78731 or e-mail: leichenbaum@hotmail.com.

    Player Selection Type
    Players are selected manually by the tournament director after the close of registration.
    Entry Type
    Entry to this tournament is by invitation only. Only USTA members can register online if available.
    Quick Reference
    In the future, you can jump straight to this tournament by entering the tournament identification number: 809703210 from the searchable schedule homepage.


  • Southern, Texas into the 45 final; Texas, SoCal into the 35 final

    Texas beat NorCal in the semis 4/1…really 3/1 as NorCal, with only 3 players able to take the court had to default the #2 doubles. Debbie Croft made her singles debut against Vicky Bueholz and it was short but Debbie had a great time playing, despite having an injured ankle (from a sprain of 6 weeks ago…she is spunky, but her ankle has no spring). Debbie said the first set went by so quickly (20 min.) that she had to figure out a way to slow it down (bathroom break!).  Kathy Vick and Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein had a tough first set with Kathy won 64 and she didn’t miss much the rest of the set, winning 64 60. Carolyn Nichols edged Shelly Works in two long sets 64 63…it lasted long enough that sprinklers came on midway through the 2nd set, drenching Carolyn’s stuff (not Shelly’s…) before they were turned off.

    Southern beat Florida 5/0. Fran Chandler beat Myke Loomis 63 62, but cramped badly on match point, took a 1 min injury time out, and won the next point with a passing shot. Mariana Hollman beat Susie Brown and Sue Bartlett beat Shelly Solomon, both in straight sets. The match of that tie was the doubles match between Hollman/Jaime Kaplan and Cindy Leprevost/Tracy Viebrock which was 3 sets. Kaplan picked up her level of play in the third set and Southern won comfortably the third set.

    We think SoCal 35s won today over Southern; Texas 35s won yesterday which put them into the final.

    The weather has been warm and humid but nice. We play Florida in the 3/4 playoff tomorrow, I play Myke, should be some more good tennis on the dirt. Some of us are fit and ready to take on Florida at home…and some are fit for coaching on the sidelines.

  • Intersectionals, NorCal 45s into the semis

    First of all, congratulations to Southern for breaking the stranglehold that Florida has put on the super senior divisions! They won the 75s over…Florida, 2/1. Florida won the 80s today though.

    The 35s and 45s were in action today too. In the 45s the four seeds made it successfully into the semis, though NorCal was limping in. Carolyn Nichols beat Ellen Markowitz 62 60 and Phyllis Blackwell won convincingly at #2 singles against Jane Zenker, but aggravated an already pulled groin muscle in the process…she’s coaching the rest of the weekend. Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein channeled her inner Susan Boyer and played for 3.5 hours in pretty warm conditions, finally winning 76 46 64. With Phyllis out, Nichols and Debbie Croft played doubles against Abbi Neuthaler/Markowitz and won 76 42 ret. inj….(Ellen pulled a hamstring in the tiebreaker at 4-4).

    Next up for NorCal is Texas. Shelly Works, Kathy Vick, Vicky Bueholz et al. Debbie is going to make her singles intersectional debut. Texas took out SoCal 41.

    Southern plays Florida in the other semi.

    In the 35s I forgot to look at the draw actually…Florida played Northern, I think they won; New England lost to Southern; SoCal and Texas are probably also in the semis.

    We play at 9am tomorrow…all for now.

  • Intersectionals

    Hello from Naples, Florida. I am here for the National Senior Women’s Intersectional Team Championships.

    Two Florida teams were crowned today, the 55s and 65s, both won by Florida. Florida stopped SoCal’s multi year dominance in the 65s, led by Donna Fales’ aggressive play against her Kitty Godfree Cup teammate Suella Steel. Fales won convincingly in straight sets to lead Florida’s sweep of the singles.

    In the 55s, Florida also swept the singles. Mary Ginnard started slowly against Wendy McClosky of Southern, and trailed by a set and 41 before her feet woke up. From then on she won 12 of the last 14 games to win 61 in the third. Kerry Young and Carol Clay completed the sweep in singles.

    The 75s and 80s finish play tomorrow and the 35s and 45s started today.

    The seeds in the 35s are SoCal, Texas and Southern; in the 45s they are Southern, Texas, Florida and NorCal.

    Norcal played New England today and won 4-1, sweeping the singles. Phyllis Blackwell beat Pam Dodman and Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein beat Sue Benoit in three set battles at 2 and 3 and Carolyn Nichols won at #1 in straight sets over Trisha Judge 62 61. Eastern is up tomorrow.

  • Croatia Wednesday

    Minimal (ie normal for Croatia) confusion today…I was scheduled for noon but the schedule was changed when I arrived to 1:30, so we watched the 55 final…one woman from Hungary, Julia Dudics, played the top seed from Austria, Dagmar S. Dudics hit the ball the 1st set and lost so the 2nd set she reverted to hitting every ball straight up in the air…in the end it wore out her opponent, but it was an interesting match, the Hungarian poker faced and the Austrian talking to her friends between every point…Hungary won in the end. Then she had 3 cigarettes according to Bridget, after the match and was chain smoking like crazy before the final!

    I won my final, beating the 2 time defending champion from Austria 60 60…Anita Hagner. The prize was 6 days room and board for the tournament next year. We are also in the mixed semis, got a default in the round of 16 and won the quarters over a Serbian pair 92. I think we will play one or 2 matches tomorrow…our semifinal opponents indicated they might not play. Then on to Vienna.

    The weather was fantastic again today and the referee mellower as the tournament winds down.

    There were chairs for the final…they called all the lines but not any foot faults, the head referee said it was too hard to do that for seniors who had been foot faulting for 40 years and the foot faults didn’t gain them any advantage anyway, and only a few matches are umpired so changing the rules for the final wouldn’t work..then he described some of the blatant foot faults he’d observed during the tournament. It’s definitely a more mellow type of tournament, the bar gets a workout here for sure.

  • Croatia Tuesday

    The confusion abated this afternoon, we played our mixed…only an hour behind schedule. There’s only one age division for mixed, so we played a team from the 60s and won 9-0…we are playing pro sets in the mixed obviously. We probably play 2 or 3 rounds tomorrow but after the singles final which is scheduled for noon. There are lots of nice people at this tournament…the players here anyway are not in deep training…they are playing, then having a beer at lunch and a smoke afterwards!

  • Another Sunny Day in Croatia (And Continued Confusion at the Tournament!)

    We had the Gala Dinner last night, a nice buffet dinner, preceded by champagne and Schnapps..wine on the tables, but we had to request water. It started at about 8 for cocktails, 8:30 for dinner…dancing was starting about 10 when we left, as I needed to find out when I played and nothing was posted at the dinner, though a schedule was promised. The schedule was posted at the Club where a men’s 70s match had just concluded at 10pm, and the referee was still on site. I was scheduled for 9am at the top club, the one with a great view.

    Today we were driven up the mountain only to find out that the tournament had failed to reserve those courts (which were fully scheduled for matches today)…back down the mountain to the main club in Opatija, where we were fit in at about 3pm…however there were 2 courts free at 9:30…I asked the referee…can we play now, we are here, no one is on the courts. He agreed and so we played and I beat a Serbian player 60 60…nice lady, only has been playing tennis for 6 years, but a decent player, good athlete and a former basketball player.

    Our mixed was also scheduled for up on the mountain…now it’s scheduled not before 5pm…probably will be closer to dusk (7:30 or so) I think…one 10am match was just starting at noon. The loss of 2 of 9 courts is bound to put them behind schedule.

    Very sunny and warm here today and the Adriatic is sparkling. It is a very relaxed atmosphere other than the fact that the tournament is being run in an incoherent fashion! Apparently one woman took vacation this year during the tournament and it’s thrown things off.

    All for now.

  • Chaos in Croatia (at the tournament desk); beautiful weather

    The nicest thing about this tournament
    is that we have had no problem finding practice courts. The
    tournament arranged for the players to have use of the courts at
    Hotel Opatija, about a 10 min walk from the club. The other nice
    thing is the great location on the Adriatic, with wonderful, sunny

    The organization is the worst of any
    tournament I have played. We spoke with one guy from Israel who came
    to Croatia just to play the tournament. The club’s web page had
    only information from 2008 on the home page…no dates or entry or
    information on the 2009 tournament was posted. The 2008 dates were
    the 24-29 of August, which this year would be a Mon-Sat…reasonable
    to expect those to be the 2009 dates. This gentleman called the club
    many times and emailed he said about a half dozen times, trying to
    clarify the dates so he could fly here….never received a response
    as to the tournament’s starting date, so he arranged his flights to
    arrive on the 23rd…only to be told that the tournament
    started on the 22nd and he was not entered…after flying
    from Israel to Slovenia via Istanbul and renting a car to come here!
    He is ending up playing doubles, mixed and consolation singles…

    There’s no tournament desk to check
    in…today I was told to go to court 2 to play my match, we warmed
    up, were almost done when it turned out I was warming up with the
    wrong person! I was warming up with Bridget’s opponent and my
    opponent was waiting on court 4. I won 60 60 against a Slovenian
    player and Bridget lost 63 63 to a Croatian player. I haven’t
    figured out who the TD is…there seems to be a referee, who is also
    running the tournament, let’s just say he’s not a people person.

    I’m going to play mixed with an
    American guy who is from NM, Barker, probably tomorrow; we are in the
    round of 32, so hopefully there will be 2 matches tomorrow.

    Tonight there is the Gala Dinner at the
    Ambassador Hotel, which should be nice, I hope.

    Despite the running of the tournament
    it’s very nice here, the location makes it nice, the promenade
    along the sea is great, weather is great, and the food around here
    has been good, lots of Italian and seafood restaurants and tons of
    ice cream shops.

  • Croatia, Sunday

    The women’s events started today. The organization here is different for sure. None of the women were allowed to sign in till today after 9am. (There were specific times for the men in various age divisions to sign in too, some yesterday and the older men’s divisions today at 10, 11 and 2). So we lined up European style (lots of cutting the line…Bridget and I ended up in the back of the line, but no worries, we had a long time yet to wait). So we got to the sign up area, paid our entry..60 Euros (no entries were paid in advance by anyone).  We noticed that at 9am there were 4 matches scheduled at the Opatija club, but only one match was on court…at 9:30 two matches were on the court…and 2 courts empty till 10. We had to wait around…till noon…before the draws were made and finally posted.We couldn’t leave because matches were scheduled for today, but couldn’t be scheduled till the draws were made. Bridget was finally scheduled for 11:30 today (not before 11:30) actually. We immediately had to go to a different site…no time for lunch. The courts were about 1000 feet up the hill behind Opatija, very curvy roads. We stopped at one set of courts way up a hill..not the ones Bridget would play on, but someone else in the van played there. Everyone got out and Bridget and her opponent had time for a sandwich…very leisurely ride. Then we went off to another set of courts and it was windy, but when we got there the view was spectacular. I will try to post photos tomorrow. I asked Bridget if the view was distracting when she played. Her court had no backdrop on the sea side and the view was of the cobalt blue Adriatic and the islands off the Croatian coast…unbelievable location.  She said it was distracting, as the view was no beautiful. It was a great vantage point for watching tennis and taking photos, low key. Bridget won 64 62 against a Croatian player who lives in Munich, so they communicated in German. Back to the courts…we were told to wait till after 7pm to get our times for tomorrow. 7pm at the courts…no schedule and none would be posted according to the referee online. We talked to the referee and did get an approximate starting time from him finally. The bar at the club is doing great business with everyone waiting around, but it’s a nice place to wait.

    I didn’t play today, smaller draw, only 8, one player, Julia Smutny, dropped out. It was cooler and clearer today. I took photos of the draws too and will post later when I am on my computer.

    This is a real tourist hot spot…but not for Americans, though it’s a very nice area.

  • Croatia

    Hello from Opatija, Croatia. I am here for the 45th International Tennis Seniors Championships of Croatia. (Click here for more on this tournament.) Yesterday we drove from Grobming, Austria to Opatija, about 6 hours at a leisurely pace…through Austria, past Salzburg, then through Slovenia for a long time till we crossed over the border to Croatia (2 stamps on the passport). Opatija is near Rijeka, in the northern part of Croatia. It’s a beachside resort and was the "Austrian Riviera" during the rule of the Hapsburgs in the 19th century and many old baroque style buildings remain, most of which are hotels now.

    We practiced today…twice..and it was warm after Austria and Germany, nearly 90, there was a passing thunderstorm which didn’t pan out to much rain here, just a few sprinkles. There is lots of walking here, the courts are up a hill from my hotel and the practice courts are a hike as well, but overall the area is pretty contained.

    The check in time for the tournament is 9am tomorrow and no draws will be done till after everyone has signed up and paid up…there are supposed to be 9 players in the 50s and 11 in the 55s.

    I’ve posted a few photos over at Picassa, click here to see them.

  • Bad Breisig Saturday

    I finished the Bad Breisig tournament today. I won the singles over local favorite (and the defending champion), Margret Beyer 64 60. It was much warmer today (mid-80s) and breezy, actually a good wind out of the south, and it made it difficult to play on one side with the sun and wind in our faces. I managed it a little better than Margret in the first set, after losing the first 2 games anyway, and came in to net a lot more than she did on the downwind side, and in the second set came to net from both ends….probably more than I did in the doubles, which we lost to Blom and Simons, who were more balanced and consistent than we were. It was a good match anyway. Nora cruised to the singles win even though she was the #2 seed and the person she played in the final, Schweda, had beaten the #1 seed 62 61!

    For doubles both days we only got used balls, since according the referee the ITF sanction & the ITF rules do not apply to doubles, since the ITF does not give ranking points for doubles. (Therefore none of the ITF clothing rules apply to doubles either I presume). There’s no separate entry fee here for doubles either, one fee covers both. The prizes differ too…for singles 300 Euros & flowers, for doubles, wine and flowers. I was able to give flowers to the two women who ran the desk all week.

    Overall this is a nice tournament, 2 dinners and a nice site, but just not enough courts. Today they were running on time for our matches.

    After the tournament ended I finally had a chance to walk down to the waterfront in Bad Breisig (a small area with a lot of restaurants overlooking the Rhein and walk along the Rhein for an hour, very pleasant, and I saw a castle in Bad Honnigen. I’ll be posting photos on Picassa soon.

    Tomorrow I’m off to Salzburg for a day and hope to leave very early so I don’t run into bad traffic…

  • Bad Breisig, Friday

    I was able today to play on clay, outdoors and it didn’t rain today. Tomorrow should be nice.

    I won my singles easily, and am in the final against Margret Beyer, who is from here and who beat the #2 seed, Annelies Simons 62 62 today. Margret is very tough. We are scheduled for 11:30, but they always seem to be behind schedule here, as matches go longer than the 1 hour 20 min allotted to most of them.

    I met my doubles partner, Irene Smutny, and we won our doubles tonight. We started very late, it was nearly 8pm. One of our opponents had a 5pm singles match which was started late. Then she was up 62 50…and lost the set 75, though she finally won the match in the third set 63. She was very tired afterwards. After a 20 min break, during which my partner and I warmed up a bit…with the match balls which were used balls, no new balls here for doubles. The used balls are also available for purchase at 1 euro per ball ($1.40 a ball…a new can of 4 balls costs about 14 Euros or nearly $20). When our opponents came out we started the match…no warm up serves even. We play the final against Nora Blom and Simons at 2:30,though since Nora has a 2pm final it might be later.

    That’s all for tonight, another update tomorrow night then I’m off to Austria.