Gordiola Glass Factory

Wednesday July 27th, 2022

The Gordiola Glass Factory was open today when I reached it. And no cow paths were necessary to use to reach it! It is located in Algaida, southeast of Binissalem.

The “museum” wasn’t much…the top floor of an old building had a lot of glassware, most of which was for sale, but it was pretty.

When entering the building, there are rooms filled floor to ceiling with glass from the factory, one on each side. The majority of it was glasses, dishes and bowls, but there were also chandeliers, vases, and “flowers” which could be placed in a vase for display. Most of the glass was green, a beautiful blue or bronze in color.

There’s also a door to the back in between the two glass filled rooms..that leads to the glass making area. It was a warm day, 90s (about 35 celsius) and it was hotter still in the glass making area, because of the kilns needed to melt the glass. There were three or four people making glass, blowing on the molten glass, then shaping it and repeatedly melting and shaping it. It looked like hot work.

Glass making, and pieces from “museum”
Glass from the store

The trip to the glass factory didn’t take long…I might have watched the glass making longer, but arrived not long before they either quit for the day or for lunch. So I headed off to train and stopped at an Aldi along the way. There are Aldi stores in the USA but they are owned by “Aldi Sud”. This one was clearly owned by “Aldi Nord” since it had a lot of Trader Joe’s branded items. Aldi Nord operates the Aldi stores in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Poland, Spain, Denmark, and Portugal. It’s confusing since I don’t think of Spain and Portugal as being “Nord”. Aldi Sud operates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, China, Italy, Austria and Slovenia. (However, they are in tops of remerging the two businesses, which split a long time ago as one of the two brothers who started the business didn’t want to sell cigarettes!)

Trader Joes in Spain, Spanish peppers and the Mallorca specialty: Snails

I trained after and the weather was nice today, around 90, and a bit overcast with a breeze.

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