Training Day

Yesterday, Tuesday was a double training day and by the end I was tired! But it was fun.

I hit at 9:30am and 5:30 pm, each time for 90 minutes, breaks for water…at Global Tennis Academy ( It’s small, just outside of Palma de Mallorca, the capital, in a suburb of Marraxti. There are mostly juniors training there (well…all juniors and me). They were paired in groups of 2-4 with an instructor on each court and working hard..2x a day training I think plus some physical fitness. Sundays are rest days (or tournaments) and Saturday normally half days.

Unlike Monday, I ignored Google Maps at times and made it to and from the courts twice without going on any cow paths or 2.5 meter wide roads…progress. However there seems to be no way around driving through narrow streets (where a pedestrian on the side of the road blocks cars, they are that narrow) to get to wider streets and then the highway.

There’s also a train station about 1/2 block from my apartment…so I may try to take that one day into the capital to look around and shop. Today I am going to revisit the glass museum which was closed due to a holiday Monday, not permanently closed.

Binassalem train station crossing

In between training sessions I went back to Alcampo for fresh food. Grocery stores are just interesting and this one more than most because of its size. Entire aisles were devoted to olives, another to olive oils, half an aisle to chocolate (all stores should do this), both sides of the aisles to canned fish of all sorts (from snails to calamari to tuna), huge fish department (and very good prices), hams galore, an entire aisle in the refrigerated section to sausages, several aisles of cheese, prepared foods, a bakery, and a huge fruit and vegetable department with tomatoes of every variety and a lot of peppers which must in season.

Today, glass factory I hope then training earlier, 4pm.

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