Yesterday we left La Manga well before dawn and drove to Granada, which is in the mountains and about 4.5 hours northwest of La Manga. 


The hotel was in the old town and difficult to find in the narrow angled streets. It was very Spanish, with the few rooms surrounding a small courtyard. 

We went to the Alhambra, a huge Palace built hundreds of years ago and very Arab in style. It was gorgeous, the gardens are extensive and multilevel. The views of the city are fantastic. We toured the interior at night. The carvings throughout are intricate and unique. The ceilings were unbelievable, and beautiful.

We also wandered down the bazaar street which seemed like it would be right at home in Turkey. 

As we left Granada this morning we got caught in a traffic jam because a garbage truck broke down on the only road out of town! We hung out near the car for 45 minutes till they got the truck down the hill. I peeked in at the church in the square which got an abnormal amount of attention during that hour.

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