La Manga Singles Champions

Friday the sun came out, the courts were dried and Jenny Klitch and I warmed up at 8am, and finished our last, 5th (!) match at 9:30 pm. 

I started at 9 against Jenny Chin from GBR. She got a bit frustrated with my drop shots, and I won 60 60. During our match, the players on the adjacent court had a long and vociferous dispute over a line call, which each seemed to think she would win by talking louder and faster! 

Jenny Klitch, USA, then took on the top seed in the 50s, Elena Scola, Scola was small but had a huge forehand, which she loaded up and whacked very effectively. Jenny scrambled and attacked and ran her way to a 62, 64 victory.

In the final I played the #2 seed, Encarnita Gomes Ruiz , and won 61 61. It was tricky on one end.. low sun and no backdrop. 

Jenny played Barbara Cinquata, the #2 seed, also Italian in the final. Jenny played aggressively against a good scrambler, winning 62 62 to take the 50s title.

After the singles we played three doubles matches. They used the format of two short sets and a match tiebreak, because some players had up to 8 matches on Friday. (Rain + poor scheduling  = problems!) We won our first two matches, then lost to the two Italians whom Jenny beat earlier in the day. 

Now we are off to Granada and to see the Alhambra!

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