Homewood, IL: Last Practice Day Before the Indoors

The Indoors begins tomorrow here in Homewood (outside Chicago and only a dozen miles from the Indiana border). Susan and I practiced at the crack of dawn…ok 11 am, but that’s 6 in Hawaii. Susan was cracking the ball, me, not so much but I’m getting used to the indoor courts.  After lunch I hit with Anna Zimmermann for a while and then Susan and I played doubles against Anna and Julie Ogborne. It was fun, competitive,  and we are pretty glad they aren’t in the 55s! It was a pretty long day considering the tournament starts tomorrow but none of us has singles till Thursday.

The draw came out today and we play a local  team tomorrow at 3pm. I play the winner of a match in singles, either Donna Drosner or Sheila Chiricosta, both of whom are good players, so I’ll scout them tomorrow for a bit.



The weather really changed today. Yesterday it was warm and muggy, in the mid to upper 80s; last night there were big thunder and lightning and rain storms and now it’s in the 50s! Meanwhile, back in La Jolla, they are having a  heat wave and temperatures are in the mid-80s…but I’m sure Tracy Houk will tell you about that later. (She won her first round singles by the way.)


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