Houston Day 3: Return of the Sun

Draws can be found here.

It was an early start after a late night today…some players finished closer to 10 than to 9pm and had to return to play 9am matches. I told both my opponent and doubles partners that we were playing at 10:15…fortunately I double checked the draws…we all played at 9am! Also fortunately, they both checked their texts and were at the club on time this morning.

My jacket is now named “spot”…I wonder why.

In the 65s, there weren’t any upsets per se…Jeanne MacEachern, unseeded, advanced to the semis when Mary Morgan was unable to play (knee)…and Jeanne was grateful, having suffered a migraine this morning. Diane Barker beat Andrea Barnes, playing her usual aggressive style. I beat Kathy Foulk. Leslie Murveit played two excellent sets with #2 seeded Susan Wright, and took the second set before Susan righted (pun intended) the ship and won the third decisively. I play Susan tomorrow while Diane plays Jeanne.

In doubles, we beat Ann Eaton/Barbara Starnes and play Debbie Burgess/Donna Drosner in the semis; Barnes/Murveit beat the tough team of Betsy Kuhle/Julie David 2,5 and Foulk/Heidi Clemmer advanced in three sets over Janet Rice/Kristen Padburg.

In the 75s, unseeded Ann Eaton beat Brenda Winstead 3,6 and will face #2 seeded Sue Kimball, a 76 61 winner over Mary Alice Pisani.

Ann Eaton, W75 …she can move and has a game that’s a pleasure to watch.

In contrast to the singles fates, all four 75 doubles seeds advanced to the semis where Kruger/Bryson will take on Wachob/Gay and Louie/Winstead face Kimball/Castell (last year’s champions).

In the 85s Dori DeVries prevailed in a tussle over Dorothy Wasser, subduing her 26 75 63 while Roz King had a topsy turvy match with Chris Smith, winning the first and third sets 60 and 61 but dropping the middle set 63. On the bottom half of the draw Sheila Palmer outran Carol Wood 4,2 and Burnett Herrick beat Kathy Langer 76 61.

In 85 doubles, Wood/DeVries (1) face Palmer/Herrick (3) while King/Wasser (2) take on Langer/Tietz (4).

In 55 singles, Tammy Simone caused the sole upset, beating #5 seed Jacqueline McWilliams in straight sets. Quarters start tomorrow.

In 55 doubles, the Argentinian pairing of Mariana Metola and Lucia Sapere took out #2 seeded Rainy Miller/Tammy Morris in a very entertaining 2 set match. The rest of the seeds advanced to the quarters.

In the 45s, which had a decent draw of 15 players (though one defaulted), the seeds that played today advanced easily to the quarters. The seeds have not started play in 45 doubles.

The 35s begin play tomorrow.

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  1. Carolyn, Do you also post the results of the entire DBL teams in the
    ’85’s etc.? Thanks

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