Houston March 18th, Saturday, 65 wrapup

Suella Steel won her first singles clay court gold ball Friday. She said she’s won the doubles at the worlds on clay, and many doubles gold balls on clay, but this was her first gold ball in singles in any USTA Category I National. She beat her doubles partner and frequent opponent over the years, Charleen Hillebrand 64 64 in the final. Steel had a battle in the semis with last year’s winner, Susanne Clark beating her in 3 sets. (It was her 4th straight match against a German born opponent.) Clark beat Kathy Langer, the 5th seed, in the 3/4 playoff to take the bronze. Langer beat Sheila Weinstock, the 4th seed, in straight sets in the quarters.
Grace Wood won the quarterfinal playoff over Lyn Tietz in 3 sets Friday.
Steel/Hillebrand raced through the doubles field here, beating the 2nd seeds, Langer/Tietz in the final 63 60. Weinstock/Weiss took the bronze over Livings/Manthorne (who ousted the 3rd seeds, Sung/Gunderson, in the quarters). Sung/Gunderson placed 5th.

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