Houston Sunday: Practicing, Getting Ready

Today was another beautiful day in Houston, warm, sunny, breezy. Along with the women practicing for the clay courts, nearly every club member and pro seemed to be at the club, the courts were full all afternoon. I had a good hit with Anna Zimmermann and then with Susan Wright, checked in and caught up with friends. Susan and I have a bye in singles and doubles tomorrow but I’ll have a chance to watch my potential opponents play tomorrow.

Watching all the ladies arrive today, it’s clear that this tournament is part competition, part reunion. The tournament staff put together a nice package for the players: shirt, hat, Tennis Express gift card ($10) (more shopping!) and other goodies in a nice bag.

Off now to dinner, early practice tomorrow and play on Tuesday…I hope to post photos tomorrow.

Zimmermann, Anna

Susan Wright 3 30 14 action -002

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