Houston Monday: Ready, Start, Play

Today was the last tune-up day for me in Houston. It started early, Anna Zimmermann and I hit starting a little before 8 till 9 and I hit serves afterwards. It was a really good practice. The tournament started free lunches and breakfasts today for the players (see the schedule below). I had lunch at the club, a sort of gourmet make your own sandwich bar, complete with  homemade potato chips and roast turkey baked at the Club. It was excellent.

I watched most of a set between Teal Lang and Janet Mosely. I play the winner of that match tomorrow, Janet, who won 61 61, though the two had many good points…Janet though made fewer errors and hit nice angles.

There weren’t any upsets today; seeds were active only in the 45s and 75s. However #3 seeded Dorothy Matthiessen had to go three sets to overcome a determined Mary Lynch and advance to the round of 16. Dori deVries had a tussle with Joan Nevins. Judy Levering won a long three set battle over Lola O’Sullivan. Carol Wood on the other hand hit a few dropshots against Dolores Beck and Beck cramped and had to retire (in fairness Beck said she started cramping before the match began…too much practicing outdoors on the weekend after suffering through the bad winter weather in NY.

I play at 10 tomorrow and so does my doubles partner Susan Wright. We play doubles at 1:30pm…game on.

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  1. So miss the battles and competition and the many frienships i have made.on court. Thanks carolyn for keeping me informed about the tournaments and how my friends are doing on the court

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