Hybrid Open Tournament by Renata Marcinkowska

From Renata Marcinkowska:

It took a long time, but it is finally a reality.  We are organizing a First in The World Tournament on a Dual Surface. It is called Hybrid Open 2013 and will take place March 29-31, 2013 ( deadline to enter is March22) for men and Fall of 2013 for women.  Anyone from pros, collegiate players, seniors and juniors can apply.  We will select 10 players to play in this historic event. I am enclosing a flyer in the attachment. Info about the tournament can also be viewed on youtube. Typing hybrid tennis tournament Hybrid Open 2013 will bring it up. If you could please put something on your website about the first Hybrid Open 2013 it would be fantastic.  I know that a lot of players might be interested.


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