Intersectionals. Austin,TX

The 35 & 45 Captain’s meetings were held today adn the draws done.
The 35s have 6 teams, divided into 2 groups. Each group will play a round robin and the winners of each group will play each other on Sunday for the title.

The 35 seeds are

  1. Texas
  2. Florida
  3. Southern Cal
  4. Mid Atlantic

The 45s is the largest division with 13 teams.

The seeds are:

  1. Southern
  2. NorCal
  3. Texas
  4. Florida

Southern, NorCal and Texas all received byes Thursday.

65s: Southern beat MATA; So Cal also won over New England.

55s: Southern was upset by Florida. The rapidly improving Liz Leigh ousted Brenda Carter at #1 singles, Toni Novack won at #2 singles and Cindy Leprevost, in a rare singles appearance scored a win at #3 singles.

Tomorrow night is the banquet…I may not blog again till Friday.We will be presenting the Margaret Russo Sportsmanship Award tomorrow night.

The weather here today was dreadful…very very windy and cold.


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