Intersectionals Wednesday: In 55s Southern faces SoCal Thursday; In 65s: Florida faces SoCal


55s Semis results are below.

Southern cruised to a win over Texas, while SoCal had to win both doubles to book a trip to the final in an intra-California battle. (Somehow the fact that it’s 10 states vs 1/2 a state doesn’t seem like a fair fight).

SoCal d. NorCal 3/2

Flight: Women’s 55 Round: 3 Match: 55 Northern California vs 55 Southern California

Karwasky SC d Pellow 60 62

Yvonne Gallop d. Tracey Thompson SC 62 75

Leslie Murveit d. Colleen Ferrell  SC 60 64


Karwasky/Worley-HagenSC  d. Cooke/Lackey (NC) 57 60 62

Davis/Heston, SC d. Gallop/Lowry 63 64



USTA Team Events Stats and Standings – Flight, Round and Match Level (11/11/2015 4:26:12 PM (Eastern Time))

Flight: Women’s 55 Round: 3 Match: 55 Southern vs 55 Texas

Women’s 55 Singles
Barker, Diane  vs Vick, Kathy 6-2; 6-1
Bartlett, Sue vs Lang, Teal 6-2; 6-1
King, Lee vs Cajas, Athena 6-0; 6-3

Women’s 55 Doubles
Kirkland-Cochran, Jan/McColskey, Wendy vsCajas, Athena/Johnson, Cynthia 6-0; 6-3
Moseley, Janet/Smith, Sally vs Dawson, Susan/Lang, Teal

The 65s results are below: Southern had a 2/1 leadover SoCal but SoCal won both doubles to advance to the final, just as they did in the 55s. SoCal players are really good in doubles apparently!

USTA Team Events Stats and Standings – Flight, Round and Match Level (11/11/2015 4:54:25 PM (Eastern Time))

Flight: Women’s 65 Round: 3 Match: 65 Florida vs 65 New England

#1 singles: Kerry Young FL d Vicky McEvoy NE 61 75 (5)

#2 singles: Carol Clay, FL d. Molly Hahn NE 63 64

#3 singles: Betty Wachob, FL d. Lee Delfausse NE 60 62

Doubles results weren’t yet recorded, but were to be:

#1 Wachob/Young vs Hahn/McEvoy

#2: Clay/Jovette Levine vs Susan Kimball/Pam Simons


Flight: Women’s 65 Round: 3 Match: 65 Southern California vs 65 Southern

65 Southern California vs 65 Southern
#1: Brenda Carter, Southern d. Carol Gay SC 63 63

#2: Toni Novack Southern d. Cathie Anderson 57 63 61 (those drop shots!)
#3: Crys Ren SoCal d. Susie Peiffer 61 46 63

To be played:

#1Bennett, Kathleen/Bryson, Liane SC vs Babb, Cynthia/Carter, Brenda  won by SoCal

#2: Judy Louie/Ann Stanley SC vs Sharon Green/Ann Hunt Southern won by SoCal

Women’s 75 Update:

Wednesday:  Florida beat Middle States; Eastern beat Mid Atlanti ; NorCal is up 2/0 after singles over Midwest; New England beat Southern 3/1

Tuesday though SoCal beat Midwest; Texas beat Florida 3/1 (with all 3 wins going to three sets) to advance to the semis; Mid Atlantic and NOrCal were tied at 2/2 so I’m not sure who advanced. Carol Wood though had a great singles win over Patti Boyer considering she hasn’t played much singles since knee replacement surgery last December (those drop shots!). Southern beat Middle States


Women’s 80s:


SoCal beat Florida 2/1

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