You know you aren’t in Florida any more when:

  1. You observe that people are wearing jackets and long pants and not flip flops and shorts (or not the majority anyway).
  2. Cars are driven on the left side of the road and no one is honking!
  3. Christmas lights are up in the streets and say “Merry Christmas” (not happy holidays)
  4. There are double decker red buses everywhere
  5. There are no palm trees anywhere
  6. Cricket bats can be found at a normal sporting goods store as well as hockey sticks.

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Did you catch the hints that I’m not in California either? I arrived today in London, where they are having warm weather for here, which means highs in the 50s. It was pleasant, if a shock to the system after the muggy 90 degrees/90 per cent humidity of the past two weeks.

I walked around Oxford and Regent streets (had to hit Uniqlo) and also ran into some nice holiday decorations on Carnaby street.

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The lights go on Sunday night on Regent Street. On Oxford Street the stores such as H & M and Selfridges were already lit up and color coordinated. .

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It was a pretty sunset yesterday in Florida…but I’ll be back soon.


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