Into the Quarters at Mallorca 1000 65s (Edit #2)

Draws are here.

It was a really nice day for tennis in Mallorca, temps in the low 70s, very slight breeze and overcast so no sun to bother anyone (the sun is getting really low now, Mallorca, off the coast just south of Barcelona is still pretty far north).

I played a German player, Elisabeth Hammelstein. She ran very fast but her strokes had flaws…nonetheless we had some good points and made some adjustments so I had to mix up my drop shots with deep ones. I won pretty decisively though. I’m not sure who I play tomorrow…probably Pat Wire from Great Britain, but she was playing the 7th seed from Germany who is also a good player. Update 2: I do play Pat Wire, there was an error in reporting the winner of her match with Susanne Roseneck-Peterson. We play doubles at 3pm, weather permitting. The weather looks a little iffy. (And it’s raining now).

Elisabeth and Carolyn (I swear I inked my racquet today!) #volkltennis

After I played I caught up with a few players..below is a photo of the eight women’s 75 semifinalists. Gail Benedetti, third from right beat Ellie Crock, 4th from right decisively.

Women’s 75 quarterfinalists in Mallorca

Otherwise it was a relaxing day…tomorrow doubles should start and it will get busier.

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