ITF 85+ Cups Named for Lorne Main & Angela Mortimer

The ITF has named the Men’s 85 Cup, first played in 2017 the Lorne Main Cup after the most prolific Seniors Male player. Main

The ITF has named the Women’s 85 Cup, for Britain’s Angela Mortimer who, despite partial deafness won the Australian, French and Wimbledon Championships in the 1950s, is a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame and was a ranked in the top 10 in the world 10 times.

Read more about Angela Mortimer Barrett here.

Main was an excellent junior and competed in the grand slams in the amateur era, reaching the third round and won Monte Carlo. But in those days there wasn’t prize money. Main though dominated the seniors scene for 40 years, from 1986-2016, winning over 40 world championship titles during those years.

Main was received the prestigious ITf Seniors Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2012, once which has only been awarded to only four players to date.

Main was not a large man but he had a huge personality, and he loved tennis and senior tennis. I had the pleasure of playing against him once with my dad in a practice match…he was fast, clever and a great player.

Read more about Lorne Main here.

The Angela Mortimer and Lorne Main Cups will take place next year Oct. 10-15 in Mallorca, Spain (always assuming…Covid cooperates).

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