ITF Individual Seniors World Championships: Entries Open Now!

The entries are now open for the 32nd ITF Senior World Championships in San Diego.. To enter, go to If you don’t have an IPIN, you will have to get one first, then you can enter online. The entry deadline is January 11, and the deadline for finding a partner is February 7, if you have already entered the tournament by January 11th. Mixed doubles is being offered for the first time! Players may enter up to three events, one singles, one doubles and one mixed, but be prepared to play three matches a day if you enter three events!

Babolat French Open All Court balls will be used.

For detailed information, including instructions regarding qualifying matches for extra large draws, click here:

The fact sheet is periodically updated.

Dates are February 12-19, 2012, immediately following the team championships in beautiful San Diego, California USA.

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