ITF Seniors World Championships: Successful Monday Start

This week I am playing in the 60s at the ITF Seniors (50/55/60) World Championships in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. (Last week was Super Seniors, 65-90+).

The 60s are being played at the PGA National Resort where I am a member. I was set to play Eva Szabo from Hungary, but when the time came to play she defaulted due to a lower body injury (she doesn’t speak much English but was pointing to her glutes). Yesterday she had one two knee braces and a back brace so I wasn’t shocked, just disappointed. Susan and her husband Tim and I scouted my next opponent’s match, which went three sets and was a good match. I next play a French player, Betty MIchel who is a good player, and beat me the last time we played, 13 years ago!

Carolyn with Eva from Hungary

In doubles Susan Wright and I played a Brazilian pair who spoke Portuguese and Spanish but no English. They were very nice and one was very fast but we won 60 60. Next up is an Aussie/Canadian pairing, Rosemary Everett/Cora Wills.

First round Miriam and Ingrid from Brazil, Susan & Carolyn

There were quite a few American players at PGA today…Judy Newman, who fell to Carole DeBruin from NED; Vicki Buholz and Gayle Prejean from Texas who both won, as did Canadian Erin Boynton.

Jenny Klitch, the top seed in 55s, started her tournament well when 9 points in Manola Coulter retired with a leg injury.

Isabel Gemmel from Australia is staying with us and won her singles today. She plays 50 singles and doubles tomorrow.

Draws are here.

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