ITF World Tennis Masters Tour: 35/40/45 World Team Championships, Portugal, Day 2: USA Goes 2/0 on Day 2

Draws & Updated rosters are here.

W 35 Team

On Day 2 of the World Team Championships, only the USA Women’s 35 and Men’s 45 had matches, and both won 3/0, but took different routes to their victories.

The USA Women’s 35 team, Lenglen Cup, won 3/0 over Turkey, surrendering only three games over the three matches…they took the direct route to victory and now have a day off before playing in the 5-8 playoff starting on Wednesday.

The USA Men’s 45 team, Dubler Cup, won 3/0 over Japan, but it was a tough 3/0. Ross Duncan won in three sets at #2 singles; Marvin Colley won in straight sets at #1 and Duncan/Guillermo Cosson took the doubles point 10-6 in the match tiebreaker. They play Estonia next which should be a more relaxing match, since Estonia lost decisively to Japan and Canada.

Men’s 45 Team

The Women’s 40’s, 45’s and Men’s 35’s, 40s had the day off.

Lineup tomorrow:

  • W35: Day off
  • W40: Great Britain
  • W45: Denmark
  • M35: Finland
  • M40: Croatia
  • M45: Estonia

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