ITF Young Seniors Cup Team Competition Underway in Umag, Croatia

The ITF Young Seniors International Team Competition is underway in Umag. Today, Saturday, the opening ceremonies were held. I was able to see a bit of it via live streaming (there is an nine hour time change from the West Coast).

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all teams umag with big flag

The draws were done earlier in the day at the Captain’s Meetings. To see the draws, click here. If you click on the draw for the individual RR Group you will see when each team plays. There will be live scoring (games only) and live streaming of some matches from ATP Stadium, Grandstand and Court 1. To view the live stream, click here.

The USA Lenglen Cup team, W 35, are in RR Group D with Slovenia, So Africa and Gr. Britain.

The USA Young Cup team, W40, are in RR Group D with Turkey, Italy and Germany.

The USA Margaret Court Cup team, W45, are in RR Group A with Switzerland and Uruguay.

The USA Italia Cup team, M35, is in Group A with Turkey and Spain.

The USA Tony Trabert Cup team, M40, is in Group B and has France and Ireland in their RR Group.

The USA Dubler Cup team, M45 is in Group D with Canada, Switerland and South Africa.

Play begins tomorrow, May 1, 2016, Sunday in all age divisions, and most USA teams are in action tomorrow.

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