Karlovy Vary on a Travel Day

Today was a long driving day: Prague-Prague Airport-Karlovy Vary-Erlangen-Munich. The first stage I drove; then at the Prague Airport we went to the car rental company and added a second driver who enjoys driving and who took over for the rest of the trip. Then we went to Karlovy Vary (aka Karlsbad, aka Carlsbad), a pretty spa town that looks almost like a movie set. We had lunch and walked around and bought some of the spa wafers for which Karlovy Vary is famous. We didn’t try the mineral water though,which comes out of taps and fountains around the city but which is pretty hot. There are mugs with spouts sold everywhere a fountain can be found to fill with this supposedly healthy drink. And we ran into no tour groups!

We then headed to Erlangen where we dropped off Susan with her cousin. Her mom was German so she’s visiting German relatives for a few days. Robin, Erika and I then headed to Munich, returned the rental car (big sigh of relief from me) and checked into our hotel.

Tomorrow we’ll tour Munich.

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  1. I’m enjoying your posts from Europe. You seem to know your way around or at least can follow navigation systems. Thanks for taking your time to let the rest of us enjoy your experiences vicariously.
    Gwenda Ward

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