Marienplatz ✔️; Vikuelmarket✔️; Glockenspiel✔️; St. Peter’s Church ✔️; Theatine Church ✔️; Shoe 👠 shopping ✔️; Chocolate 🍫 shopping ✔️

We had a busy day in Munich yesterday. We took the train to Marienplatz where the Auld Rathaus (town hall) is located. The building has a clock tower where bells and dancing figurines go off at 11, 12 and 5pm (in summer). We planned on the 5pm performance. We walked to the big market full of fruits, sausages, cheese, vegetables, flowers, restaurants and souvenirs.

We tried to go to the Milka store but it was gone. ☹️ However, we found a world of chocolate in the basement of the large department store on the edge of Marienplatz. The only problem with the selection was that it was so vast we had a hard time choosing which to buy!

After the market we walked to the top of St. Peter’s church which had a great view of Munich despite the overcast weather, and of the Rathaus. That gave me the idea of climbing back up (just under 300 steps/cost 3 euros) around 4:30 to video the Glockenspiel. I did and got a good viewing spot while Erika and Robin had coffee in the Platz.

After our climb, we went to view the beautiful Theatine Church which is full of beautiful carvings in a nearly all white pallet.

The day ended with shoe shopping. I wandered into a shop I like and Erika and Robin came a bit later, teasing me about buying shoes, but Erika came away with two pair, Robin with one and I only bought light plane mules. It was a fun expedition.

I just took Robin to the airport gate. The line wasn’t long but was slooow moving at Lufthansa for people who couldn’t check luggage automatically.. so we were in that line with one person working. Another reason to arrive early.

Today Erika and I will do a bit more touring on a rainy day then off to Paris tomorrow. And then there were two…

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