Kitty Godfree Cup Friday: Day Off for Team USA

The Women’s 65s Kitty Godfree Cup team had the day off today. Actually a lot of teams had time off due to heavy rain.  We took this opportunity to see some sights in Croatia.
Our first stop was Rovinj, a busy tourist town on the Adriatic Sea located about 30 miles south of Umag. It was inspired by Venetian architecture.

IMG_1669 IMG_1669-001
Next we went to the larger city of Pula, where the sixth largest coliseum is located. It is the most extensively restored of all of the coliseums in the Roman Empire.

  IMG_3245 IMG_3245-001

Finally we headed inland to the enchanting village of Motovun.  The countryside was beautiful, and the town is located 1,000 feet above the valley. It was quiet and exactly how one would picture a Croatian/Italian village.

IMG_3244 IMG_3243
Hopefully the weather will clear and we will play Great Britain for a bronze medal tomorrow.
Sue Bramlette

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