Klosters to Ulm via Austria

I bid Klosters adieu at 6:28 am, and five trains, four changes of train and one car rental later reached the rental house in a suburb of Ulm.

Upon arrival in Ulm I rented a car nearby and drove to the house.

Susan and Pat had just awakened when I arrived at 11:30. We eventually got organized and to the TK (Tennis Klub) Ulm on time to meet Dina and Jack. They were delayed a day as Pat had been, due to bad weather for Diane and a mechanical problem for Pat. Fortunately, everyone had planned on arriving a day or more early.

We had a two hour practice, then headed over to the golf club where the Captains’ meetings were to be held. We ran into Shelly Works, Mary Dailey and Ros Nideffer. The 50s women team also had weather related delays.

We hit Aldo and Lidl markets, and had dinner. I scored with a good loaf of bread for about $1.50. Even Susan liked it!

Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow after the captains’ meetings and the draw will be done then.

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