La Jolla Friday: DeVries wins 3:12 hour 80s Singles Final

Dori DeVries survived a 3:12 hour singles match with Dorothy Matthiessen to win the 80 Hard Court Singles today 75 67 64, then combined with Carol Wood to beat Matthiessen/Judy Smith 61 75 for the doubles gold. The singles match, played on Court 1, had a packed and interested audience and was of high quality. In the end, DeVries’ mobility was the difference… By a hair! Carol Wood took the singles bronze.

Jennifer Lyons/Elly Hammargren won the doubles over Judy Newman/Jenny Rens Keller in three sets, also on court 1 and with a SRO audience watching and cheering. Erika Smith/Mary Dailey finished 3rd.

Robin Hartis made a successful return to tournament play after neck surgery and played great (to no on’s surprise). Combining with Carolyn Nichols they beat surprise finalists Andrea Barnes/Leslie Murveit 63 62. Match point was..memorable. I attempted an overhead smash, framed it, multiple but continuous hits ensued, the ball then hit the net, went over and died a spin by death.., game set match over on a lucky hit! Tina Karwasky/Jan Kirkland-Cochran told third.

More tomorrow after the remaining finals. 

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  1. Congrats Carolyn! Down at the beach with the Maze’s and George Artz. They are impressed! Xoxo, Patty

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