Lights On Regent Street; Is Rafa Back?

Yesterday I wandered again in Green and Hyde Parks and down to Regent Street to see the lights, which were turned on Sunday night. It was an interesting display…a digital one where the message on the disks over Regent Street changed from pictures to “Merry Christmas” to “Tis the Season” to “Regent Street”. The lights on other streets were fun too…one street had lights looking like chandeliers, were stars and globes, yet another a light filled passageway.

merry xmas regent st tes the season IMG_2807 IMG_2810 IMG_0484 IMG_2815 IMG_2817 IMG_2819

After seeing the lights I went to see the tennis again, this time by the “tube”. Last night I wasn’t allowed to bring in my SLR, as any lens longer than 55 mm wasn’t allowed (just a warning to anyone wanting to bring in a camera to the O2). No food or drink is allowed either, which would be ok if drinks didn’t cost three or more times what they cost in the shops just outside or inside the arena. However, these restrictions didn’t deter the audience, as the arena was packed with people hoping to see some good tennis.


I saw doubles first and the French team, Mahut and Herbert looked to have the match sewn up at a set and 52 up. I was going to leave the arena then but couldn’t get out (too many people to step over). I’m glad I didn’t because Dodig/Mello rebounded, “holding” off two set points on Herbert’s serve (he double faulted three times in the game, and Dodig/Mello only had to win 1 point to win the game. The set ended in a tiebreak and again the French team forged a lead, 41, only to lose the next 6  points and the set 7-6. That set up a match tiebreak won by Dodig/Mello. Mello, a tall, lanky Brazilian is the #1 doubles player in the world and hasn’t lost a match tiebreak in months. He did pick up his game as the match went on.

IMG_0516 IMG_0522

Then it was on to the main event, Wawrinka/Nadal. (I got there early enought to see Rafa and Uncle Toni practicing and went courtside to see them.) Wawrinka came out strong, breaking Rafa to win the first game, but then Nadal broke back and broke again at 3-3, serving out the set emphatically..he aced Wawrinka on set point. Stan fought very hard…many deuces in the long first game, before winning it…it would be the last game he’d win for a while. Stan did go up break point on Rafa at 0-1 30-40. He hit a seeming winner but Rafa got to it and hit a brilliant lob…that point was the match. Stan never recovered from it and didn’t get another game till he was down 5-1 in the second. Rafa won 63 62.

IMG_0494 IMG_0506 IMG_0580

And that’s the wrap from London.

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  1. What a glorious, joyful start of the Christmas scene, & what a wonderful “wrap” of a tennis match from Merry Old London! Thanks, Carolyn for your tails on the road!

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