USTA National 40 & Father/Son, Grandfather/Grandson Hard Courts

The Hard Courts started today. As usual, the tournament is impeccably organized by Conan Lorenzo, Bill Kellogg, Pierrette Featherby and tournament referee Ralph Anderson and their cadre of volunteers and staff. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday there’s a happy hour with appetizers and veggies, a lasagna dinner on Wednesday and an elegant cocktail party on Friday (but tennis clothes are ok too). We all received nice performance long sleeved navy shirts as a player gift, they are really nice.

I am playing 40 doubles with Una Davis…ok, we are giving up…decades, but then we have had that many more years of experience than our younger opponents. (Yeah, I don’t buy it either…at some point age >>> experience.)  But we did win our first round today against a couple of NorCal players Cindy Polansky and Aynaci Zeynep (nicknamed “Z”), who were playing this event for the first time. I’d played Cindy in the past, but it was the first time meeting “Z”. We won 64 61 and Una was all over the net as usual. We have a tougher ask tomorrow against some 5.5/6.0 type players from Orange County.

Tomorrow I play singles and doubles starting around 11:30. There are also going to be some “stars” playing, including former world #13, Amy Frazier from Michigan who is playing at 11.

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