Lima Wednesday (Day 4 & 5): Practicing, Scouting, Observing

Draws are here

Yesterday was pretty busy after a late start. I met up with Luisa Gouveia about 11:15 and we walked to the Park for hard court practice. Along the way we ran into some airline pilots from Netherlands (KLM) who were looking for courts…we explained about the tournament and the hard courts so they came along to try and find a court. I love that these pilots carry racquets with them everywhere, to play when they can!

The courts were a bit busy when we arrived, but we found a court (there are only 3), and shared it for a bit with two of the pilots, till a court opened up, then again with a couple practicing for the tournament. We were better yesterday on the courts, and had a good practice, losing only one ball in the bushes (there were no screens in the back really and lots of bushes!

As we left, I stopped to take a photo of a match taking place, just as there was a line call questioned by a player…the umpire got down from his chair and the ball man (I have seen no female ball persons) was around too. I don’t think the player was happy with the call!

We walked back to the club and I walked to the physio…my toenail was loose (I injured it in February and it was just now coming loose) and I wanted it cut off. I was told to come back at 4pm…anyway, I did get it taken care of and finished the job later in the evening and it’s feeling much better now…very ugly toenail though.

I also snagged a couple of tennis skirts which were about $16.50, (though in the shop across the aisle apparently there were $8 items in the sale bin).

I walked to Wong’s Supermarket for some vegetables and fruit (and another look at all those potatoes!), and also got some Peruvian dark chocolate (delicious).

It was 6pm by then…the night at the club was just getting started…the last match finished at 4:20AM! There are now 734 players in the draw! And despite the TD telling me there was no way anyone could play three events, at least one man is signed up for three, Peter Byrne of USA. I guess we should have asked forgiveness not permission.

I passed on writing last night because it was late and today I got up early to hit a bit at 7am with Luisa. We got in about 30 minutes since our court was one of the first to be repaired and groomed for the day’s matches. At least we were able to hit on clay. Again, on one court is a match scheduled at 11pm followed by another match!

After breakfast and a workout I went back to scout my opponent for tomorrow who had a not before 10:30 match. I got there a little after 11 and the match was nearly finished. I saw two games, enough to see that my opponent serves her first serve left handed, hits right handed and hits her second serve either lefty overhand or righty underhand.

On my way back to watch Toni Novack, I stopped to see the #2 seed, Fritelli from Brazil and saw she was down 62 1/0. I sat down to watch and was talking with a nice lady, Esther, when another player came up who it so happened was my doubles partner. She’s from this club so hopefully has some pull to make sure we don’t play at 10pm or some such time! She won her singles and plays the #3 seed tomorrow.

Toni was done but then but had a tussle, winning 62 64, but now has 2 days off till the final.

The women working at the tournament told us the referees actually slept at the club last night. Also, that the players like this big tournament due to the atmosphere as there are always players around watching and other people, not like a normal masters tournament where no on is watching.

That’s a wrap on today…going to dinner with Toni and Michael Novack tonight early, and hoping to hit at 6:45 tomorrow. The women working the tournament said no doubles tomorrow for us, so I have only singles tomorrow.

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  1. Excellent reporting. Did you know that Lil Peltz Petaw passed away this morning? I sort of expected you to mention her in your writing. She was loved by so many.
    Gwenda Ward

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