Yesterday was a long travel day to Lima, Peru for a tournament. I drove to two hours to the airport where I met a friend who will take care of my car while I am gone…I drove to the airport, and when we switched seats, left my phone in the car! Fortunately, I realized it before going through security and she was able to get back and return it…it helped that it was around 4am so not much traffic.

Phone in hand I went through security (which opened to TSA precheck in Terminal 4 at LAX at 4:30 am), only to find that 1: there was no water (therefore no working restrooms) in that terminal and 2: the terminal had changed to the B terminal…where nothing opened till 6am..coincidentally the same time my flight was to depart. I got in some walking back and forth between terminals, then we boarded and took off early!

We also landed early in Miami, took off on time from Miami and landed early in Lima…so far so good. I had arranged a pickup (it actually came included in the apartment I booked). I found the driver pretty quickly…or he found me, and off we went to Lima, about a 35 minute drive away, some of it along the ocean, though it was dark when I landed.

This time I did not leave my iPad or any other items in the plane. When I landed in Kentucky on my last trip, my iPad mini was left on the seat. It then went to Charlotte, NC, Harrisburg, PA, Newark, NJ, and Dallas, TX before American reported it was found. I tracked it via the “find my” feature in the Apple ecosystem. I paid for shipping, and when it was delivered about two weeks after I left it in Lexington, it announced its arrival. Its new name is “Traveling iPad”…currently it is resting in Lima.

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