Lion’s Head: Rocky Road

Today, Tuesday, was my last morning in Cape Town. Jenny Cerff and I met up about 6:15 am to do the hike up Lion’s Head. It is a steep mountain and rocky, but the views are magnificent…maybe not quite what they might be from Table Mountain (which again had it’s “tablecloth” of fog over it), but still really nice, especially on the Atlantic side. There were lots of other people hiking too.


The road up was rocky, then quite steep…it included climbing a ladder and then a climbing wall (I climbed one but not the second one…we detoured to the recommended route around the mountain). There were quite a few dogs, which, though they had even shorter legs than I do, had “four-wheel drive” keeping them balanced on the uneven terrain. It was a great thing to do early in the morning but I’d recommend trail shoes as the terrain is really uneven. We unfortunately ran out of time to do the last bit, but it was a great walk and visit.


The recommended route wound around the mountain…the other route went up this climbing wall…I made it up the first, shown below,  but the second, well let’s say we wound round the mountain!


And that’s a wrap on Cape Town travel.

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