Table Mountain & Victoria Waterfront, Cape Town

Monday seemed like a good day to go to Table Mountain in Cape Town, the huge flat rock that towers over the city. It’s over 3000 feet high and very rocky. From the top the views are spectacular…that is if the famous “tablecloth” of clouds isn’t hanging over it. Down by the waterfront it seemed pretty sunny and there were a few small clouds but not many…but by the time I waited in line for a cable car and went up the mountain, the fog was thick and cool. It was still pretty up there and I got glimpses of what might have been…but alas, no good views. The contras though of the vegetation and rocks was really interesting. It’s a real microclimate up there since the fog gives so much moisture to the plants even during a drought.
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In the afternoon I went down to the waterfront, a mixture of industry…it’s a port, and also a starting point to go to Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was held), it’s a mall, a tourist area, and has a lot of restaurants. It was fun though to wander around, look at souvenirs and people watch.

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Jenny Cerff picked me up before sunset and we went back by the 12 apostles again and took a few photos.

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It was easy to get around Cape Town…in a word, Uber, which was inexpensive and efficient. I was able to talk to a lot of drivers…the majority were from Cape Town, but two were from Somalia, escaping the war, and two from Zimbabwe.

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