Long Train Ride to Portschach

It took all day to reach Portschach from Baden-Baden, but it was mostly relaxing, via the train. I started at 7:42!in Baden-Baden, had 8 minutes in Karlsrue to change trains (the train was already moving as I hopped on!; I had an hour in Munich, then got on the train to Portschach and didn’t realize I was in a wagon that was going to Zagreb, while the rest of the train went on to Potschach….and carrying a suitcase through a moving, crowded train is an adventure.

As usual, the scenery was stunning, more so because it was quite sunny today. It seemed to be in the 90s in Potrschach, quite a change from the previous weeks’ cool, overcast weather.

I checked in to my hotel, then took a walk by the courts and along the Worthersee, a big lake. It is quite lovely with the mountains surrounding it.

I ran into an Aussie who was in Baden-Baden, and so have an early morning hit, then will watch my opponent play later tomorrow. I play Tuesday I think.









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