Long Train Ride to Portschach

It took all day to reach Portschach from Baden-Baden, but it was mostly relaxing, via the train. I started at 7:42!in Baden-Baden, had 8 minutes in Karlsrue to change trains (the train was already moving as I hopped on!; I had an hour in Munich, then got on the train to Portschach and didn’t realize I was in a wagon that was going to Zagreb, while the rest of the train went on to Potschach….and carrying a suitcase through a moving, crowded train is an adventure.

As usual, the scenery was stunning, more so because it was quite sunny today. It seemed to be in the 90s in Potrschach, quite a change from the previous weeks’ cool, overcast weather.

I checked in to my hotel, then took a walk by the courts and along the Worthersee, a big lake. It is quite lovely with the mountains surrounding it.

I ran into an Aussie who was in Baden-Baden, and so have an early morning hit, then will watch my opponent play later tomorrow. I play Tuesday I think.









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  1. You are an adventurous soul, Carolyn and happy you made it. Ah! Thanks for all the photos of Porschach which recalls to mind the time I spent there at the Friendship Cup courtesy of the Wilsons. What glorious country. Spent some time in St.Veit with Colorado friends who live there and had a wonderful lunch on a mountain top overlooking the fields below in various hues of green. Thanks for the memories of the courts on which I played and good luck in your matches. Took lots of photos of the Indoor National here and the tennis was spectacular. Lots of “first ball” wins and hope new members for the NSWTA. I told them about your website, but will also send reminders, too. rita

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