Werzer Cup, Austria

Here is a link to the draws for the Werzer Cup. I play Tuesday, and play a tough match. My opponent is tied in the rankings with the #2 seed, who is Austrian. In fact she beat the #2 seed a couple of weeks ago 61 61….I suppose the flipped a coin to determine which one got the seed?

Draws: http://www.vetspoertschach.at/turniere2012/englisch/raster/werzergeneralicup_draws/

Now for the most difficult task of the day…getting all my stuff into my suitcase.

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  1. Congratulations, Carolyn Mary Daily and Susan just won the 50 doubles by default and Susan’s playing the single’s finals tomorrow. Great tennis matches here in the Mile High City, but not nearly as glamorous as your matches. thanks again Best of luck at the next tournament rita

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