Mallorca, Saturday

It’s another beautiful day here, warm and sunny. The tournament starts tomorrow, but the draws have not been posted yet! They will be done tonight and doubles tomorrow.

I went to the market in Cala Rajada, which is a larger town than Font de sa Cala…lots of restaurants along the harbor, and lots of German tourists.

The produce section of the market was most interesting, and the grapes I bought are quite good. Lots of olives, cheese, pork products, and nice tomatoes, eggplants, lettuces, and even a few pomegranates. The rest of the market was not much different from a flea market at home.

There were at least 3 tennis clubs, all red clay of course, that I saw in Cala Rajada, very pretty clubs.

I took the bus, it was only about 20 minutes each way, and the view was pretty much of the way, along the coast.

There’s an opening cocktail party tonight, and the draws I think will be posted then, and play starts tomorrow. My draw is about 40 players, so I think I won’t play till Monday.

I’m at the Beach Club hotel in Font de sa Cala. There is no internet at all at my hotel, so I’ve been using the wifi here most days. Below are a photo of the view from my room, and photos from the market today.