Mallorca Tuesday

We ran into Vesna and Renata tonight after dinnner, (I had grilled squid which was pretty good) and they told us about their matches today…you can read more below on Rachel’s blog. I also met with Theresa Bowen from the USTA and we exchanged photos which I’ll post tomorrow morning Mallorca time.

Vesna ran into the Argentine players at her hotel and they said they ran into a hurricane today, "Hurricane Diane" that is. She won in 28 minutes today! Can you believe that, she was flawless.

France finally beat Switzerland in their RR match today. All three matches went three sets, so while we were out shopping at 5:30 they were still playing. However, France still has to beat So Africa and So Africa nearly beat Switzerland yesterday, it’s a very competitive RR group. Gr Britain and Australia are dominating their RR groups, so in all likeliehood will play each other in the semis on Friday.

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