I arrived Monday afternoon in Mallorca from Vienna. As per usual…the airport in Mallorca was PACKED! No matter the time of day it seems to be full of people coming and going. It’s a nice modern airport, and pretty large.

There’s quite a long walk (with a couple of attention on the way to the exit or baggage claim or you will end up elsewhere in the airport) to baggage claim and the exit. By the time I reached baggage claim though, my bags were already out.

I quickly got my rental car and drove to Consell where I am staying this week. It’s a small town about half and hour outside of Palma in the wine/olive grove region in the center. It’s a typical Mallorcan village with a center square with a weekly market (and a large Sunday flea market) and church around which village life is centered. As usual the streets are narrow (to park I have to drive onto the sidewalk!) and lined with stone buildings interrupted by shuttered windows and doors. There are two small supermarkets nearby.

After checking into my apartment I drove to the Centro Comercial Alcampo and Decathalon for food and supplies (foam roller, stretching mat, food and drinks). I’ve written about the Alcampo in the past…it’s huge, sort of like a Walmart or Target but with more emphasis on food since there are a fresh fish, meat, panaderia and deli departments as well as aisles of everything from tinned fish to chocolate. I picked out my favorites which took a long time (the store is big!), but it was fun. I went out the wrong door on the way out and it took me a while to realize that (and find my car), but eventually I did so and returned to my apartment for dinner. It was nice to have a home cooked meal and to have a washer for laundry.

Today I trained for 90 minutes at a small academy, walked around Consell a bit in the rain and checked out the local grocery stores.

Tomorrow…more training…

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