Rain in Spain on the Plain

It was drizzling yesterday afternoon…last night it poured in Mallorca! I heard the thunder during the night but by morning the sun was shining…mostly.

My 11am training session was delayed by 30 minutes and when I arrived at the academy some players were training on one or two courts but the staff and even Joffre and Afiza, the owners, were busy putting the courts back together after such heavy rains…putting lots of clay on the courts and spreading and sweeping the courts and washing all the clay off the sidewalks. It looked like it rained even more in Marraxti than where I am staying. However the day turned out to be really nice, pretty calm, sunny and warm.

I didn’t do much besides train and do an hour of exercises today and I am beat! Red clay is a lot of work and hitting for 90 minutes without more than occasional water breaks makes me realize I take too many breaks and sit downs when I practice otherwise. I’ll be in shape for the upcoming tournaments or exhausted…hopefully the former!

Tomorrow just one training session and then I hope to explore a bit…or get a massage…or both. And I think there’s a market in Consell tomorrow morning…I have my eye on some tomatoes and olives to buy.

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