May/June Winners

Congratulations to the national indoor winners, Cathie Anderson, 65 singles, Linda Bucklin/Andi Polisky, 65 doubles; Dorothy Matthiessen 75 singles & doubles (with Burnette Herrick) and Elaine Mason, 85 singles & doubles (with Cathie Hall).  Results from 65/75/85 Indoors

Congratulations for Lew Miller who won the 35 singles and doubles at the Indoors in Maine. He beat Jim Slonac in the singles final and combined with Willie Dann to beat Slonac/Matthew Polimeno in the doubles final. For all results, click here.

Congratulations to Patricia Zerdan, 35S; Rhona Kaczmarek/Molly Carter (35D); Gretchen Magers, 45S; Magers/Lori Zacharias-Verd, 45D; Tina Karwasky, 55S; Karwasky/Christie Schaefer, 55D for their wins at the National Indoors. For all results, click here.

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