Midday Update, Oct. 24th, Tuesday

USA won easily in the men’s 60, 70 and 80 divisions. They also won the women’s 70s today, though Dori deVries had to go 3 sets to win at #1 singles.
So the exciting match is yet to be concluded. USA women’s 60s are playing the French team which is seeded #1. Betty Wachob turned in another stellar performance, winning at #2 singles 64 75. Brenda Carter took on the formidable Gail (Chanfreau) Lovera and played her tough, losing in two close sets. Carter and Judy Louie will play the deciding doubles beginning in 5 minutes. I’ll report on the conclusion later tonight.
For the men’s 60s, Hugh Thompson played #2 singles, Charlie Hoeveler played 1 and I believe that Beautyman/Johnson played the doubles.
For men’s 70s, Ahlers played #2, Davis played #1 and Duesler/Nelson played doubles. They played Japan.
For men’s 80s, Tony Franco played #2, Graydon Nichols played #1 and Newt Meade/Bob Meyerdierks played doubles, against Ireland.
The women’s 70s…Burnette Herrick played #2 singles; deVries played #1 and Belmar Gunderson/Mary Boswell are playing the doubles.
More later tonight. Weather is still very nice, sunny, warm and not too windy.

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