Monday USA Cup Results: Canada beats USA in Queens Cup

Monday, Ali Bey Manavgat
USA had 3 teams playing today at Manavagat (and none at Ali Bey Belek)
The USA women’s 75 team, Queen’s Cup, suffered it’s first team loss since the inception of this cup, falling 2-1 to a talented and confident Canadian team led by Rosie Asch. Suzanne Ryerson started off things for the USA with a straight set win against Joan Bak. It was Ryerson’s first ever Cup match too. Rosie Asch, who narrowly lost to Russ in February at the Checket Cup avenged that loss with a 63 62 win today. She moved beautifully. She then combined with Joyce Jones (the Canadian Joyce Jones, not the one from Arizona!) to beat Russ/Jane Lutz 64 61. The Canadian duo just played very well, made few errors and any angle hit by the Americans seemed to come back at a more severe and usually unreachable angle. The Canadians scored a well deserved victory against their game opponents, who gave it their best effort.
The USA women’s 60 team, the Alice Marble Cup, won 3-0 against the Netherlands. Betty Wachob moved beautifully in her 64 63 win over Marijke Ter Heerdt, winning the final 5 games to seal the victory. Brenda Carter continued her 60 singles winning streak with a 60 61 victory over Wilhelmina Baks. Mary Wilson/Judy Louie won the doubles 60 63 over Baks/Patricia Blaas. They play France, the #1 seeds, tomorrow in what should be an exciting match.
The USA men’s 60s team, the Von Cramm Cup, beat Norway 3-0. All 3 matches were won by the score of 62 61. Richard Johnson won at #2 singles over Lars Jahnsen; Mike Beautyman won at #1 singles over Kjell Worren and Charlie Hoeveler/Hugh Thompson took the doubles point over Tor Norderhaug/Worren. After the match the Americans has a spirited doubles practice after which Thompson was seen practicing further with one of the Czech players till  nearly dark.
Once again the weather was great, a few clouds, but warm. I practiced with some of the men’s 70s players who spent a long time on the court today, as  did the women’s 70 team and the men’s 80s…
I’ll post again tomorrow night. I found a better place to get internet access tonight, just outside the fitness center. It is much nicer and closer than the tennis center and not as eeire!

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