Monday Blog from Erika: Watching the Individuals

Monday — a day of watching tennis

The weather today was beautiful for Day 2 of the individuals. I decided to spend the day watching some matches. First up was Danny Waldman. Danny has won the worlds in singles and doubles multiple times. He is in the men’s 55s and is a beautiful player. He played for Harvard, so there is the connection! Danny had a pretty straightforward singles match and was off the court in about 1.5 hours. I then headed over to watch Ross Persons, who is a teaching pro at the Houston Racquet Club. He is also in the men’s 55s. Ross lost a three plus hour heartbreaker, 7-6 in the third. It was a well played match with long rallies, great shots and outstanding sportsmanship from both players. It was one of those matches that you didn’t want either player to lose.

The last match to watch of the day was great fun. My 50s doubles partner, Mary Dailey, was playing her second round mixed doubles match with Ken White, one of the 50s Cup players. They were playing a very good team (Australian/Great Britain combination) and I was expecting an exciting match. It delivered. Unfortunately for their opponents, Ken and Mary played very well and although there were great points and close games, the US duo won 6-0, 6-1. Tomorrow is a day off for them and then they will play a team from Poland in the quarters. Mary also starts the women’s doubles on Thursday. I wish I was playing with her, but I am glad at she was able to find someone to sub in for me.

Tomorrow I start the journey home. It should be interesting with crutches!

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  1. So very sorry, Erika, that you had to leave the game due to your accident. As you know, it happened to me AGAIN because I didn’t learn to turn sideways for the overhead, and boom, the skull hit the deck and it was all over! Bummer. Hope you manage to get home without incident and thanks for the info about Mary’s match. Will be rooting for our gals, and again, hope to see you back on the courts soon. love rita

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